We’re told the courthouse will remain closed through September.

It’s unofficial and unconfirmed, but an announcement should be coming shortly … (2:45 PM)


3:19 PM email from Monica Hofheinz to SAO personnel:

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    Does this mean the speed limit on I95 is still the current 120 mph or is FHP starting back up sooner than the courts?

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    SAO Admin will be nice and rested before permanent vacation in January………unless Soros money backfires and causes a Murphy victory.

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    Why does the only important/timely definitive information come from a gossip blog in a major Florida Judicial Circuit?

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    SAO is full of clowns, heads so far up their ass. Heard their number 2 in county object to releasing an incompetent man last week. Learn the law before you try to speak or better yet go pick a jury!

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    We the bailiffs are very happy to hear this news. Fyi, yes don’t worry about us we will continue to get paid while the courthouse is closed so no need to worry about us. We are hoping that it remains closed for the rest of the year. It’s been great sitting at home and doing nothing and getting paid for it. See you all next year.

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      What an ass-hole.
      You brag about wasting taxpayer dollars?
      You and FORMER JUDGE AND DISBARRED ATTORNEY Contini would make a great couple.
      OK, so you can’t control having to stay home, but you CAN control rubbing it in taxpayers faces!

      We should all know your name so whatever law enforcement agency you previously worked for can look into some of your conduct back then.

      Sure you were a really stand up cop that always did the right thing.

      You are despicable. Maybe we should start a campaign to have the next sheriff replace all of you with more respectful and competent “real” deputies.

      Guess it would never cross your mind to maybe with all the free time, in a pandemic, help out at a church? Some other charity?
      Make sure with all the extra weight you’re gaining after all this, you can still fit through the courthouse doors.

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        What a hate filled individual you are Aaron the plumber & sewer cleaner. Being critical of the men & women who protect the courthouse, why don’t you go and enjoy your short time you have left on earth. Plan a road trip with a designated driver so you don’t harm anyone when you fall asleep at the wheel.

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    This is great news. It gives Sarahnell Murphy and all of the other ASAs a chance to find new jobs. Before Joe Kimok fires them all. Good luck and happy job hunting. 🤣🤣🤣

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    Get Rid off the bailiffs, why keep wasting the taxpayers money. The bailiffs haven’t worked in months and they are continuing to get paid. WHY ?

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    Tomorrow history will be made in Broward County. Joe Kimok will be the new State Attorney of Broward County. We can’t wait. It will be so sad to see Sarahnell Murphy and all of the other little Trump supporting racist ASAs packing up and leaving. So sad….NOT !!!!!

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      Joke Kimok ain’t getting it tmrw. Biggest hypocrite, that guy. As a prosecutor he always enjoyed giving 364 days in jail when people smoked weed on probation.

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    The courthouse is closed and remains closed thru the entire month of September. The clerks have to come to the courthouse everyday for work. The bailiffs get to stay home like they have been doing for months and guess what. The bailiffs are getting paid to sit home. And life just great. When you’re a bailiff. Clerks not so much.

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      The attorneys with small private practices might as well give it up and close down. You can’t go this long with no end in site and still meet rent, insurance, office expenses and household expenses on air. I guess it wasn’t to bright that I’m married to an attorney, now we are both out of a job. I worked since I got out of college to lose everything. Thanks Broward for running lives.

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    He thought he was so smart.
    If he was the last person to see her alive, as he himself states, then why did he state and tell police she got into a car with people and took her child?
    Can’t have it both ways.
    Full Facebook video he posted.

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    What happened to personal financial responsibility?
    The Democrats continue to push the envelope.

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