8:00 PM!

Election results should start posting around 8:00 PM tonight on THE BROWARD SOE WEBSITE. Whether or not the unprecedented amount of mail-in votes will impact timely reporting of the tallies is unknown at this time. There will be runoffs in November, but today’s primary will be determinative in most cases.

Who will be the new State Attorney?

The new Public Defender?

The Sheriff?

The Clerk of Court?

And new or returning judges?


22 thoughts on “8:00 PM!”

  1. 15


    Sarahnell Murphy and the rest of the Trump supporters better start looking for another job now

  2. 17


    Mike was silly to antagonize Rydell. If he wins he’s going to rip the place apart like Kimok or Williams will if they win. Mike pissed Rydell off for no reason.

  3. 4


    Backman did too. Lynch was smart to do that because Judge Lynch won an election a few years ago. And Gordon W benefits from Judge Weekes recent victory

    1. 20


      These former broward judges running for office just starts to look pathetic after a while. They haven’t done enough to soak taxpayers already ???
      They look and sound like escapees from some mental hospital.

  4. 9


    Please vote Brenda out of office! A crack head on the street is better then this inept lunatic lying woman.

  5. 21


    Brenda and her inept bunch of idiots need to go. Can’t have her in charge of the county’s billions in assets. She’s a complete moron placed there by Howard formans name alone. The IT department is archaic and the managers are hand picked by Brenda so enough said. Vote out Brenda! Vote for anyone but Brenda! I’d take a crack head off the street before Brenda

  6. 9


    State Attorney…Kimok. Sheriff….israel. Public Defender…..Lynch. Clerk of Courts….Backman. Sarahnell Murphy needs to start packing up her office and so do her little ASA minions, all trump supporters Unless they want to stay and work for Kimok/Soros. And the bailiffs will be out of a job too. No loss on getting rid of Sarahnell Murphy or the bailiffs. Both are totally useless.

    1. 2


      Cara de Sapo Sapote Gordo e Feo. Turned esposa esta besando El Culo de Brenda Foreman todo El tiempo igual que turn, dos besa culos

  7. 1


    Have the ASAs started packing up yet. They will soon be out of a job. No loss. Broward county needs ASAs that are open minded and not racist.

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