13 thoughts on “Closure!”

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    Reminds me of when judges who favored getting a new courthouse used to flush whole rolls of toilet paper down the shoots to cause floods so they could whine about how much we needed a new courthouse. All against wishes of taxpayers who by referendum voted we didn’t need one.
    Now its a lack of water pressure ?
    They should take the time to install more security cameras instead to see which judge this week is being naughty or nice, or for that matter how many days they’re goofing off.
    This place really is the Broward Big Top with more clowns 🤡 looking to suck at the public trough than Barnum Bailey ever had, all looking for handouts.

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    If the courthouse is closed how are we supposed to find Bailiff Portnoy to book our Caribbean cruise with her, she gives fantastic deals to courthouse employees. Where will Bailiff Portnoy setup her Cruise travel sales office while the courthouse is closed.

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