14 thoughts on “DEADLINE: APRIL 28TH”

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    Will any County Judge apply for elevation this time? Or are they ambitionless?

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      County Judges belong in County. Judges like Dale Ross and Ilona Holmes and Larry Seidlin started in County. That’s where they belonged. When they got moved up all they did was show the world they couldn’t handle it. County Judges should know their limitations. It’s for the best.

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        Hahahahahahahaha. So they made such “limitated” clowns like Ross, CJ. Hahahahahahaha. There must be a song in there, somewhere.

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    County is the prize where you do next to nothing and it doesn’t require any effort.

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    How’s that retention going 🤣🤣🤣
    ASAs are quitting because you are all ASSHOLES

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      This governor is the absolute worst. Most of his appointments are trash. No one qualified applies, because he will only appoint members of the extreme right federalist society. So lawyers either have to fake being into those racist ideals or they are actually really into them. It’s sucks and I feel terrible for Florida. The governor and his Republican cult followers (who are cowards for not standing up to him)are taking Rosa Parks out of school and feeding his obsession with drag shows instead of actually doing something to help the people (like taking care of insane housing and insurance costs)

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