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      Conway was the best candidate at the December debate..only one of them with any trial experience at least.

      Funny to hear Lynch confront Weekes at a later debate asking: “when you last try a case, gordon?”

      Note to Tom ‘water sports” Lynch:
      who are YOU to talk about other’s trial stats?? You haven’t tried a case since the 80s and YOU STILL HAVEN’T PUT YOUR NAME ON THE REGISTRY WHEEL TO ACCEPT INDIGENT CONFLICT CASES !!

      Lynch at debates: “uh yeah, I’m going to take on cases too if elected.” (Really?! Then why haven’t you put your name on list to take indigent cases?)

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    Last case tried ?

    Lynch -80’s
    Weekes -early 2000’s
    Green -the week the court closed.

    Come on people, it’s time for a change.

    We don’t need to kiss the judges ass, we don’t need to lie about morale.

    Restructure the office and get some young blood in there. We need to vote Green so she can clean house and teach the young ones how to fight for the clients rights!

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    Morale is at a high? Good one. All those recruiters constantly offering huge paydays? Seriously?

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    Ruby showed the balance between the two male candidates. As a woman, I am voting Green. When Ruby called out Gordon for being in an ivory tower, that clinched it. She is a fighter.

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