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Rumors are flying that Tallahassee is actively vetting candidates to replace Greg Tony as Sheriff of Broward County.

If that happens, since qualifying is still open through June 12th, there could be a new incumbent Sheriff running against two former Sheriffs, Tony and Scott Israel, in addition to other candidates.

Can things possibly get any stranger in Broward County?

In any event, JAABLOG wishes to extend an overdue Well Done! to Dan Christensen and Tom Lauder for their political landscape shaking recent exclusives regarding our now embattled Sheriff. The alternative media continues to shape affairs and keep everyone thoroughly entertained.

In the meantime, post a comment if you’ve heard the same rumor, or any of the names being floated for a possible regime change over at BSO …

50 thoughts on “WHO WANTS TO BE SHERIFF?”

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    What’s so strange about a long line of corrupt, crooked, inept and incompetent jokers who have held, and in many cases still do, public offices as both Judges and Sheriffs, ect, ect., in Broward ?

    I beginning to think there’s some merit in the possibility that it’s something in the water …

    It’s a regular grab bag for sludge sucking politicians in a community of uninformed pill popping geriatrics and multiracial competing factions where the great number of office holders are decided by how many toothbrushes they can hand out, the spelling of their names, and which ever-pandering lobbyists they can turn to for votes.
    Nothing surprises me anymore in this town. We deserve exactly what we get.

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    Don’t count on the Scum Sentinel to get the word out ! Its a washed up, washed out dish rag with an agenda.

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      Chief Parry: “Tony had a bright future w CSPD and would have been CAPTAIN if he stayed.” (Throwing up in my mouth)

      Retired Chief Foster: “We would have never hired Toney knowing what we know now” (👌)

      What would “Vin” Sgt , I mean Chief (haha) Parry, Santa Claus with a beer in his hand on camera , say about Grégory now.

      If only Perry took notes from Chief Foster on how to be a true leader.

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      BC has worked a deal with his bros in DC and Tally……Sheriff Kodak.

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      No and no and maybe: Shaq has left that ambition behind; Bruno, like any sane individual, will not relocate from Miami to podunk; Kodak is interested, but can’t serve until his sentence is completed.

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        Ask Coral Springs officers that worked with Toney or Tony , he did nothing there, often referred to as a “ghost”, completing his masters degree at his residence while on duty and beating up old men (broke his arm) and getting away with it bc IA is incompetent. DC Backer an FSU alumni had a man crush on Tony bc of his college background so they fast tracked him unfortunately bc of that and they wanted him to be the first African American SGT., even though at the time his own SGT., SGt Dorow told the admin not to promote him bc he is lazy.
        All the truth nothing but the truth. Pollack for sheriff.

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    Does Rick Maglione FLPD and Sheriff Gregory Tony lack Honesty, Integrity and Moral Compass to carry out the duties in the positions that they occupy?

    Dan Christensen authored a compelling investigative report exposing double standard when a then member of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department while vacationing in New York was arrested for a disturbance involving an elderly individual. Sgt. Jerald Fuller was arrested on July 19, 2009 when police were called to a “disturbance” at a private home in Somerset, New York.
    What injuries did Clayton Cooper a 78 year old man sustain during this “disturbance”? Was Mr. Cooper hospitalized for his injuries? Did Mr. Cooper live out his remaining days in the Newfane Rehab & Health Care Facility due to the injuries sustained during this “disturbance”?

    Why would Somerset Town Justice Donald P. Martineck dismissed the case and sealed the court file four days after Fuller’s July 19, 2009 arrest. Was Mr. Cooper incapacitated from injuries sustained and taken advantage of?


    CRIME: Somerset town justice charged with DWI
    Staff Reports Mar 9, 2009

    Somerset Town Justice Donald P. Martineck, 58, 1713 Pallister Ave., Barker, was arrested on March 1 and charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated and failure to keep right on a two-lane road.

    A Niagara County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to Hess Road area for a complaint of a vehicle driving recklessly about 9 p.m. March 1.

    Deputies who caught up with Martineck’s vehicle on Dublin Road reportedly saw it cross the center line as it approached a stop sign on Hosmer Road.

    As the vehicle continued traveling east on Hartland-Somerset Townline Road, deputies noted it crossed the center line several times line and drove onto the grassy shoulder of the road. The vehicle then came back to the eastbound lane and pulled off the road into the grass almost going into the ditch, according to reports. The vehicle was stopped on Townline Road.

    Deputies said they noted a strong odor of alcohol coming from the inside of the vehicle and Martineck had a hard time taking his license out of his wallet. The registration was never retrieved. The driver failed to comply with several orders, according to the report, and appeared to be staring off into space with no reaction to deputy’s request.

    After getting him out of the vehicle, deputies said field sobriety tests were unsafe for Martineck to attempt. The caller who followed Martineck stated that the vehicle went off the road in the area of Ridge and Day Road.

    The deputy found the mile post marker was struck and also found pieces of a broken mirror.

    Martineck’s blood alcohol content was measured at 0.18 percent at the Sheriff’s Department. He was taken home by deputies and issued an arrest compliance report.

    Martinek’s term expires Dec. 31, 2010.

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      Thank you FloridaBulldog for exposing the corruption in Fort Lauderdale Police Department, unfortunately Rick Maglione has been elevated.

      Clayton R. Cooper

      October 28, 1933 – September 7, 2010

      Clayton R. Cooper of Barker, NY, entered into rest Tuesday, September 7, 2010 in Eastern Niagara Hospital, Newfane, NY. He was born in Rochester, NY October 28, 1933, the son of the late Clayton and Florence Merchant Cooper.. A US Army veteran who served his country during the Korean War. Clayton was a truck driver for George Golding Trucking in Lockport, NY, for over 46 years. He moved to Barker, NY in 1951 from Middleport, NY. Past member of Barker Fire Company. Clayton was an avid racecar fan, especially the “World of Outlaws” sprint car racing and was a close friend of Steve Kinser. He also loved the Buffalo Sabres Hockey team.. Brother of Mertie (Albert) Comstock, Jr. of Elbridge, NY. Uncle of Margaret (Bill) Murray of Auburn, NY and Barbara (Kevin) Gilbert of Hawaii. Also survived by several close friends.. Friends may call at the RUTLAND-CORWIN FUNERAL HOME, INC., 1708 Pallister Ave., Barker, NY on FRIDAY 3-7 PM, where funeral services will be held SATURDAY at 11:00 AM. Burial will be in Hartland Central Cemetery. Memorials to Barker Fire Company or Newfane Rehab and Health Care Facility would be appreciated by the family.. Please visit http://www.rutland-corwin.com to send a condolence to the family.
      Published on September 7, 2010

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    Look I know everything about this Clown Show County couldn’t be made up even by Sid Caeser’s or Phil Silvers’ writers but please believe me I bear no blame for anything since 1976

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      Isn’t it terrific that greedy Mike overstayed his welcome to the point internet douche bags on blogs will define his legacy?

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    Thank you to:
    Dan Christensen, BrowardBulldog.org
    Al Smith , Chief Investigator Public Defenders Office



    Matter of Donald P. Martineck
    On October 12, 2010, the Commission determined that Donald P. Martineck, a Justice of the
    Somerset Town Court, Niagara County, should be censured for conduct resulting in his
    conviction for Driving While Intoxicated, a misdemeanor. The judge consumed 40 or more
    ounces of wine over a period of seven and a half hours and drove erratically before being
    stopped by a sheriff’s deputy. In censuring the judge, the Commission noted that the sanction of

    suspension from office was not available. Judge Martineck, who is not an attorney, did not
    request review by the Court of Appeals.

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    Tony is top gun. You’ll never meet a more honest guy. I frankly don’t care what he does on his days off. But we couldn’t have a better Sheriff here in Broward or anywhere else.

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      Tony is a top gun? True he shot a window out at Coral Springs

      Honest guy? Come on, he is a proven liar , where have you been? Lied on application etc…..

      Don’t care what he does on his days off? Stupid comment to make, law enforcement should be held to a higher level

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    Captain Ozzy Tianga for Broward County Sheriff. Every single BSO deputy at the courthouse and every single Judge wants Governor Desantis to appoint Captain Ozzy Tianga sheriff of Broward County.

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      Every single BSO Deputy at the courthouse wants to see Ozzy take a hike. If Temporary Tony gets the boot, they will have to do an operation to remove Ozzy’s lips from Tony’s azz.

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    I come from a long line of completely off the wall Broward Judges

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    See Gordon is handing out goody bags…any guessed what they contain

    Official NAACP 5xl panties worn by Marsha Ellison
    Left overs from the fish fry
    Asian food prepared by his wife and her family

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    Dear Governor Desantis,

    My name is RICHARD BRIAN KAPLAN. I call myself the hungry dog, but you can call me Kappy. Pick me to be the new sheriff of Broward. There will be no surprises. Everyone already knows about my past incidents of being a wife beater, a meth addict, being fired for professional incompetence, insubordination and lying to supervisors while I worked for the AG. Oh, yes, and the whole sleeping in the office ordeal. On the bright side, I’m not a swinger and I have never murdered anyone, so I’m a much better pick than that current guy.

    Everyone knows I am the smartest, hardest working attorney in all of Broward. I finished near the very TOP of the bottom fifth of my class at St. Thomas. I will be the best sheriff ever.

    Appoint RICHARD BRIAN KAPLAN sheriff.


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    If anyone else says anything about Philadelphia they get the muzzle too

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    We could have the best sheriff in the country come to Broward County and run on the Republican ticket, and NOT get elected
    Why ? Because the stupid citizens of Broward vote Democrats into office, regardless of their capabilities or competence
    If there is a D after their name the vote for them
    Broward is becoming a joke, high taxes and corruption thanks to the people that get elected by the STUPID voters
    Thank god we didn’t get Andrew Gillum for Governor

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    We could have the best sheriff in the country come to Broward County and run on the Republican ticket, and NOT get elected
    Why ? Because the stupid citizens of Broward vote Democrats into office, regardless of their capabilities or competence
    If there is a D after their name the vote for them
    Broward is becoming a joke, high taxes and corruption thanks to the people that get elected by the STUPID voters
    Thank god we didn’t get Andrew Gillum for Governor

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    Look at the quality of leadership in Broward Crim Justice–Tuter, Forman, Tony, Satz. Its concerning to realize Finkelstein will be out soon. The ship is doomed to sink after he leaves. There is no one left to keep things afloat.

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      I hear Murphy’s campaign manager Judy Stern had been working for Tony or a group supporting him. If he does get ousted Stern will have to put someone in that race, moving Murphy there makes sense. I hear Rossman may run there too.

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      Finkelstein kept things afloat? Now that is a joke. The quality of representation in the PDs Office has continued to go down the tubes ever since he became PD. Now its at bottom. Some say it’s the worst run PD in the State. Finkelstein was never any pioneer in the field of Criminal Justice. Just a squealer with a crappy TV spot that appeals to idiots. He’s been sucking the Satz since day one. He’s a Pretender. Not a Defender.

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      The PD ship sank when the Fink took office. Its one reason Weekes won’t win. Lynch will reorganize the Office equitably putting Supervisors to work taking cases and leveling the centralized management that’s led to poor representation and a general diminishment of morale.
      There’s no coming back for Weekes and the rest of the slackers and the failed policies of the Fink will fade away along with his one-liners.

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    Sarahnell Murphy is making calls to go into the Sheriffs race ….. she will be the only female and could take it, get ready to say State Attorney Fanning Williams.

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    Sarahnell will win if she runs for sheriff. Old ladies out west vote female. Only a woman beats Scott Israel.

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      Oooh someone from the Sao should be Sheriff. Probable cause has always been proof beyond a doubt in both places anyway.

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    Gordo’s only opportunity to move up on the job.

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