23 thoughts on “DENIED!”

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    Is it true that the Weiner invites everyone including his mommy and daddy to watch his trials. How was it today Weiner? Get rid of the dead weight Pryor. And why is this fool in charge of a unit.

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          Hers is the most obvious because of all of the media, but anyone who has been in the younger-ish catty women courtrooms see that they all have the fake lips. It’s awful. Who thinks this shit looks good?? It’s sad.

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    How the hell did Ross wiener screw up a easy DUI that killed a cop? Pryor has blown out ALL the good prosecutors. How in the fuck do you sleep at night? You are an embarrassment and a disgrace! Your office couldn’t convict a person with a full video taped confession. God help the victims of Broward County!!!

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        Sure Weenie. So weenie…. Do you actually crumble cookies into your lunch tupperware and wear a bib everyday at work. Is it true mommy and daddy come to all you’re court performances toting lunch boxes. Weenie, you need some help pronto. This is off the chain weird oedipus shit.

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    Just thought I’d add my two cents on Elizabeth Scherer and her comical behavior of late in addition to her most recent Botox Binge. Really Liz. Do you think that changes anything ? Why don’t you just do your job and skip the lip pumps.

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    I’m the 90s it was boob jobs now it’s lips. If you need to change things god gifted to you then your not mentally stable or probably totally insecure. I think Liz lips are a joke but her makeup is even worse.

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