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Judicial Assistant Marty Johnson is calling it quits, after thirty years of hanging around the courthouse.  The last seven years Marty’s kept things running smoothly for Lisa Porter, and before that spent twelve more doing the same for Barry Goldstein, following eleven years with June Johnson.

Marty will be missed by all.  The phone is nearly always answered in Porter’s division, and if it isn’t, you can expect a return call the same day.  Hearings from mundane to emergency are set quickly and easily, without the form over substance obstacles and attitude which unfortunately burden some other courtrooms.  Marty benefits from not having to deal with a micro-managing boss, of course, but it’s probably fair to say Lisa can plow ahead in the efficient manner we’re all used to because her teammate’s always one step ahead of the ball as well.

Plan on stopping by Courtroom 4780 on Tuesday, June 30th, from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM.  Refreshments will be on hand, and in addition to saying goodbye to Marty, you can meet Neilson Brown, Division FA’s new judicial assistant.  A veteran of the Clerk’s Office and the U.S. Navy, Neilson is also currently earning a law degree at Nova University, all of which means we can expect a very smooth transition indeed.

neilson … Hello!

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    At least that’s what I thought every time I saw her in the halls.

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    I will miss Marty’s warm smile and always having a moment to say hello…………unlike the majority of the other JA’s , who think they’re Sh don’t St………

    Wish you the best, Marty!

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