The DBR picked up on Jack Tuter’s Zoom email posted on JAABLOG yesterday morning, and made a real story of it. Whether or not they got wind of the issue from JAABLOG is unknown at this time, but please keep the tips and stories coming, and we’ll do our best to get them to the outside world. The DBR’s story Broward Chief Judge Is Clamping Down is here.

The DBR coverage has started a bit of Zoom mining, and this morning the above picture was sent over to JAABLOG, showing APD Dan Maggio reacting to the PDA incident described by Tuter when things “got a bit steamy.”

As far as the ASA who “presented her case from bed,” we were on that day, and have it on very good authority that she was wiped-out from singlehandedly dealing with four kids and work, and that the bedroom was the only quiet room in the house available for Zoom purposes. Accordingly, those screenshots will not be posted.

Please drop a line if the other described incidents from the DBR are readily accessible. Of course, the most amusing Zoom court moments thus far have been provided by litigants and their witnesses, if anything about pandemic conditions can be deemed amusing at all …

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