LOCKSTEP!Mike Satz’s problems over Jeff Chukwuma have gotten worse, as this letter was sent over to the SAO yesterday from the Broward County Chiefs of Police Association, citing concerns they have with Jeff’s impartiality and fairness.

The letter is significant because management is now in lockstep with police unions, which could force stronger action from Satz. We’re told other letters are also being prepared, so stay tuned …


Brenda v. Blog Update – a tremendous and heartfelt thank you to John Howes. His masterful work was a service to all those reading and posting on JAABLOG, and to fans of the United States Constitution. As previously stated, the Bar dropped the IP Address related issues via letter at the end of May, and it was all because of John’s tireless efforts, performed voluntarily and as a courtesy in the name of professionalism and freedom. We can’t thank him enough.

All the remaining aspects of Brenda’s complaints are now being handled by the latest Pro Bono Warriors to join the JAABLOG cause, Adriana Alcalde and Geoff Cohen.

Adriana, a former HTU ASA, is known as an aggressive and incisive litigator, who was also the recipient of what was basically an apology letter from a Bar Grievance Committee, after being the target of a complaint filed by Bobby Diaz that had an anti-JAABLOG component. We couldn’t be happier that such a talented litigator with a proven track record of standing up for free speech and Democracy has agreed to take the baton from John.

Geoff, of course, was the founding presiding judge of the Domestic Violence Division in Broward Circuit Court, which he helmed for decades before retiring. He’s agreed to come on board out of principle as well, and wield his unprecedented expertise. As with John and Adriana, we’re touched that a lawyer of Geoff’s caliber would take the time to join the fight, and look forward to seeing everyone under oath and in a courtroom soon …


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    Take depositions first. Wide ranging Civil depos. Ask Dian lots of questions.

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    I would also like to thank Jaab and these lawyers.
    The Blog is the best thing about the Courts in Broward.

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    I find it funny that the chiefs will write a letter to complain but they stand with a murderer felon sheriff imposter. Hypocrites

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