African-American Research Library and Cultural Center Auditorium

Wednesday, December 4th, 6:00 to 9:00 PM


Tickets are on a first come, first served email date/time-stamped lottery basis.

At this time, tickets are allotted in blocks to attorneys from the following groups/agencies:

ASA’s, APD’s, PA’s, Judiciary.

Tickets have been set aside for sponsors FIU College of Law and the League of Women Voters, media, and the participants.

Interested ASA’s, APD’s, PA’s, and members of the judiciary please email at your earliest convenience with your name and title:


Unclaimed tickets will be distributed to the general public.

Water and Snacks provided …



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    JAAB maybe should have maybe taken our advise about installing the plugin to delete and not log ip’s.

    That plugin was removed from WordPress as of July 2019. If you already had it, like we do, it will still work. If you don’t have it, you can always do it manually. EU is getting really strict about privacy.


    To better comply with EU standards, and to protect the privacy of our visitors:
    As of May 01, 2019, South Florida Corruption no long keeps or stores the ip addresses of commenters or visitors to our site. All ip addresses before that date have been deleted and new comment ips will no longer be kept for more than 12 hours to combat hackers and spam. Ip’s are automatically deleted after 12 hours . See plugin remove-comment-ips, By Geeky Software. We re-wrote the code to make the 60 days hold on ips to 12 hours.

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              At least “WE” are trying to make a difference
              What do you do all day except agitate and screw with people you looser.

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                  That website you just showed, says it all.
                  Boo-Hoo I didn’t get my way in court, Boo Hoo, Now I’ll harass everyone for the next ten years, Boo Hoo.You are mentally about ten years old!

                  Here’s some of what we’ve done, not much yet agreed, but more than you have done looser.


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    Anyone think it strange that all the department head double dippers at the SAO have contributed to Sarahnell Murphy?

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      Yes MJS is going to the debate dressed as Sarahnell Murphy. What’s the difference? 40 more years of mass incarceration. The more they lock up the more money there is for the department heads.

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    Think I’ll give this one a miss. Water and snacks to hear a bunch of deadheads talk about all the change they’re going to bring to a Court System in Broward that’s hopelessly corrupt and already filled with incompetent monkeys from the Clerk’s Office to its Judges doesn’t sound like its going to be a real page turner. Not when you already know the lame participants and the real reasons they’re running.
    Besides, I don’t relish ducking out early to find my car’s been stolen.

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      I look forward the the totally Unbiased Democrat directed and equal and fair and bi-partisan debate, that’s being created by The League of Women Voters at The African-American Library and Cultural Center.

      Further, I’m delighted in knowing Broward’s best legal minds, knows the definition of fair and bi-partisan.
      What a shit show….

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    You should pass out the tickets to all those people featured in the last post of “Are you a racist?”. Bobby.

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    Sheriff fires another deputy, forwarded to SAO for felony charges of child abuse!
    Pompano school resource officer.

    1. 6


      School resource officer ? You mean TRAFFIC cop.

      1. Why does School District Staff Council Juli Ann Rico use the services of Eugene Pettis?

      2. Why was School District Staff Council Juli Ann Rico room mates with Pedo Mark Foley?

      3. How does Pettis grab “millions” from school districts to protect school officials from children, parents, and the public at large.

      4. Who is Jeff Epstein.

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    Ask Williams when she wins this time if she will keep the holdover rubber stamp double dippers including Moron Monica.

    Ask Murphy just what she’s been doing for the last 20 years for the mullah she’s been pulling down besides political puckering and if she would be open to purchasing a tanning bed on her present salary.

    Ask each and every candidate should they win if it would represent an increase in pay and by how much using their last tax return as reference.

    Ask each participant how many cases they’ve handled over the past 5 years and what the final disposition was of each case.

    Ask Gordon Weekes what his special seasoning is for his fried fish and what its been like having to play court jester to a mental midget and fellow co-conspirator.

    Ask all of them how they feel about merit retention and office term limits, including that of Judges, and what they will do to improve the deplorable condition concerning Broward’s number of Judges that have either been suspended or removed by the JQC or FSC and the fact that Broward by far by the numbers has the worst reputation for its Judges in the State of Florida.

    Ask Rydel what he hopes to do if he wins besides bring embarrassment to the position along with a big yawn.

    Query all on their personal opinions of what part Affirmative Action should play versus Merit Selection of Broward Judges and how they view the state of Rank Nepotism as it exists on the Bench and what should be done to correct this practice.

    More suggestions to follow.

    These questions are posited to determine the character of each participant and to elucidate any connections to Special Interest Groups like the ones who are hosting this particular event.

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    You won’t get any clarity of vision with this group of candidates. Look for the same players trying to manage the show and the candidates so the jobs can be doled out when the clowns take office.

  8. 6


    Is Saranell Murphy an Albino or doe she just look like one. Will she still be working, and I use that term very loosely, at the State Attorneys Office when Theresa Williams becomes her new boss. Hahaha.

  9. 9


    Okay, okay, okay, you have to figure that even you can get a job here in 2020! Go for it!

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    “It speaks for itself,”Tony said. “I could care less why she was in the room. Whatever occurred, whatever type of verbal dialogue was going on, makes no sense — it was’t necessary.”

    He added that the teen tapping the deputy in the leg was irrelevant.

    “Does it matter?” Tony asked. “Do you think it was appropriate for us to respond [that way]. I would hope that every cop in America would disagree with that type of response.”

    Tony said he made a promise to the community to be transparent and to hold deputies accountable when they step out of line .

    “Once again, here we are,” Tony said, announcing he has yet again punished another deputy.

    1. 0


      We saw the Daily Mail used the bond court part of this video on their TV show this afternoon. Great publicity for us as you can clearly see our logo.

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    If after watching the video from the school isn’t disturbing enough, Cross Creek is actually a special needs school for Emotionally Behaviorally Disturbed (EBD) students.

    From the website 211SpecialNeeds;

    Cross Creek School was developed by the School Board of Broward County as an educational center servicing Emotionally Behaviorally Disturbed (EBD) students ranging in ages from 5 to 22, K to 12th grades.

    Complete curriculums are offered for elementary, middle and high school students earning both regular and special diplomas. Services are delivered through an interdisciplinary approach that integrates instruction and therapy.

    The program has a behavioral management system and mental health component which include academic, vocational, therapeutic and behavioral interventions to assist students in making appropriate choices.

    The goal is for students to develop the behavioral and academic skills necessary for a successful school experience to help them transition back to a mainstream school or into the community after the school years.

    Hats off to sheriff, Gregory Tony. We are behind any law enforcement chief that attempts to clean up their department. The sheriff says “He’s Sick of It”, and it seems he means it.

    To be fair, former sheriff Scott Israel, at the time of his removal, had arrested, fired, and prosecuted more BSO deputies than all the sheriffs before him combined. There may be hope for Broward County yet.

  12. 5


    If he was a former PROMISE student, you can’t fire him.
    You must have our mental health experts intervene it the other programs for aged out PROMISE, COMMON CORE, RACE TO THE TOP, and NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND students.

    The Cloward-Piven Strategy.

    Of course, if it ain’t fixed–break it.
    That’s the basic theory behind one of the most controversial American political theories of the 20th century.
    The Cloward-Piven Strategy is a political gambit designed to overwhelm the American government by placing so many demands on the bureaucratic structure that it collapses.

  13. 1


    Where is Judge Ana Gardner, heard that she gotten a little plumpy, I used to do her back in the day in her chambers. She’s one hot little Cubana. Every which way all the time along with her girlfriend, Joyce. Wild days and nights I sure would like to run into those two Milfs again

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