22 thoughts on “GM OPENING?”

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    She bumped into too many pay for play lawyers, a felonious clerk of court, nefarious rubber stamp child trafficking contractors, and the kabuki judges,

    Besides, its not the best time to surround yourself with the reptiles, when the “whole world’ and Brenda are watching at the same time.

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    A New Broward Trial Coming.
    It will be “EPIC” !!!
    SFC may be interested in following up by interviewing Kirk Pendergrass….

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      Great post.
      Divorce court funds is mostly a female scam.
      Maybe Howard Forman should reach out to E-Clause.
      E-Clause can paper her forever, saving the courts time and money.

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    If this blog is indicative of the immaturity and stupidity that visits the courthouse daily representing clients….she will be lucky to have left. GM Ugarte was a good magistrate. For supposedly higher educated, doctorate bearing, people….you are an embarrassment. I would hate to work anywhere near this courthouse serving such a moronic population as the lawyers who post on this page!

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