Judicial hopeful Tamar Hamilton

Attorney Tamar Hamilton is running to fill the most definitely retiring Sandy Perlman’s circuit court seat. Tamar’s filing is here.

Other circuit judgeships up for grabs in 2022 include:

County court elections in 2022 include:

Thus far, with qualifying around the corner, the only contested elections are for circuit court: Gundersen v. Alperstein, and M. Davis v. Andres Chaves

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      Remember to vote for
      Broward’s best lawyer Bill Gelin
      over Jay Kim when you receive
      you email or paper ballot
      the first week of March.

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    Isn’t it time for the Court Administrator, Kathleen R. Pugh, Esq., to resign her position and allow for someone trained in court administration to replace her? Ms. Pugh has no training in administration. She is an attorney and is trained in the duties of an attorney. The position should go to someone with special training and experience in this field. It should not go to someone without the proper experience and certainly not to someone who is just favored by the chief judge for personal reasons. It should not go to someone without the courage to speak up and properly advise the chief judge on matters that are at odds with his position on issues that concern the circuit. That kind of courage has never been an attribute of the current court administrator. The chief judge does not need someone that acts as nothing more than a second judicial assistant.

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    Please ANYONE COMPETENT in law run against some of the above incumbents…. Circus needs to end.

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    Judge Odom got rid of JQC Judge Dennis Bailey the man that bullied lawyers and the poor man in the wheelchair with the Service Dog. More Judge Odoms are needed to run against Judges. Where are they this year. More brave Lawyers like Judge Odom we need to help our community by running against Judges.

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    The African American community needs to unify and file against ALL incumbent judges. One thing is clear—-a majority of you WILL WIN as reflected in SAO, PDO, BSO, SOE and CLERK races where white challengers were CRUSHED.

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      Blacks aren’t really big news anymore. That was all just to get them riled up & Trump out. Blacks will lose easily now if they are incompetent.

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    All Broward Judges should receive challenges. The time is right to clean out the grease trap on the Broward Bench and bring integrity back to a corrupt and rigged judiciary.

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    I hope she’s going to support African Americans to diversify Broward’s bench!!!!

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      Maybe she’s going to do something she could actually do besides being a judge. Something like basket weaving for retards.
      You just know she’d rather retire than get her azz kicked at the polls. And you just know they’ve targeted her to be run against.
      She’s one of the biggest bimbos on the bench in Broward.
      There’s a price to be paid for being Tooty’s beard.

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    Hey guys! I’m totally going to run. I can’t decide against who though. I’m thinking I am totally qualified for circuit based upon my expertise of COVID-19 laws. There are like a lot of cases on this, right?

    Daddy$$$ will totally bank roll my campaign.

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