The Sun Sentinel has the story here of an inmate who has died at an area hospital. He was suffering from Covid-19, and represented by the PDO, which has gone to unprecedented lengths to get as many folks as possible out of the jail system during the pandemic.

As previously reported, BSO does not have ventilators in the jails, and a further outbreak could overwhelm area hospitals, in addition to putting inmates, staff, and LEO’s needlessly in jeopardy.

The time is now for the stakeholders to agree to start commuting BCJ sentences for non-violent offenders, and to agree to release others awaiting hearings. It shouldn’t have to take a lawsuit or other legal action this late in the game.

The once a day, non-public Emergency Docket is not enough, with many finding it next to impossible to get a case on the docket for a bond hearing or a negotiated plea. The only remaining docket for this week has a mere twenty-seven cases, while inmates are stacked in tiny cells on lockdown for twenty-three hours a day awaiting hearings.

Jack Tuter, Mike Satz and Greg Tony may be doing the best they can, but much more is needed. The adversarial process that is mostly being relied upon at this time, where pleas are sometimes being squeezed, needs to be shelved and replaced by common sense agreements to get non-violent offenders out of jail immediately.


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        He is a sex offender. Are you seriously suggesting we should unleash all the sex offenders on society?

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          NO! That’s why we posted that. Also the incident he has to register for happened in Orange County. Involved a child under 16 years of age.

          That however does not deserve the death penalty, but we don’t think he should have been considered for release. He also has mental issues so under all circumstances, he should have been left there.

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    64 years of age, confined to a wheel chair, history of mental health.

    Basis for violation: technical violations. His probation officer wrote, “the defendant appears to have severe mental issues and needs to (sic) place in a residential treatment center that deals with his type of issues.”

    This man deserved better, these non-violent offenders don’t deserve to be forced to risk death.

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      This man was a sex offender that is a danger to the community. He isn’t one of the ones that should have been released anyway. Release all the non violent offenders. But sex offenders? Please- let’s not release all the pedophiles into the street.

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    Blood is on the hands of all these prosecutors and judges who have fought relentlessly to keep people incustody.

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    Pollock most recently was held at the North Broward jail in Pompano Beach. He was jailed last month, accused of violating probation because he changed his address without permission, records show.
    The Broward Sheriff’s Office declined to name the inmate who died, but said he had pre-existing medical conditions. Pollock didn’t show any sign of having the coronavirus when he was jailed.

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    The problem with the docket is the PD was part of setting it up.
    They got all the PD cases on first and clogged it.
    They were allowed in court too.
    Then tough luck for everybody else.

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      No the problem with the docket is that we have over 3000 inmates, many with bullshit charges, and they’re releasing a dozen maybe 15 at most at these dockets which doesn’t even offset the daily number of arrests!!!

      The circuit should’ve released hundreds of inmates weeks ago!!

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    How did his public defender know to put an Emergency Motion in on 3/19/2020, when tests at that time took 3 to 5 days for results? 3/19/2020 is only 3 days after 3/16/2020. He tested positive on 4/1/2020.

    Does that add up?

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    Broward Sheriff’s Office homicide detectives are investigating the death of an inmate who was hospitalized and being treated after recently testing positive for COVID-19.

    The elderly inmate was pronounced deceased at Northwest Medical Center at approximately 3:28 p.m. on April 7. The inmate’s identity and arrest details are being withheld in order to protect his medical privacy.

    When the inmate was arrested in mid-March, he showed no signs of COVID-19. On March 31, during a routine screening, the inmate refused a medical test (not related to COVID-19) recommended by the jail’s healthcare staff. As a result, he was transported from the jail’s infirmary to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. While at the hospital, he was tested for COVID-19 and confirmed positive on April 1.

    Detectives said the inmate suffered from pre-existing medical conditions, and no foul play is suspected.

    The Broward Medical Examiner’s Office will determine the cause and manner of death pending an examination.

    Sgt. B. Tutler, Homicide
    Lt. J. Brown, Homicide

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    NO INMATES SHOULD BE RELEASED!!!! If you committed an alleged crime and you are currently awaiting bond or cannot post bond (oh well). If they are county sentenced, give them a mask and stay six feet apart. DO YOU REALLY THINK it is a good idea to have these criminals on the street during a PANDEMIC you idiots?

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