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        It’s a Satzian prison utopia. Any attempted smoke and mirrors otherwise is pure azz gazz.

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    first the circumstantial evidence standard, now the remorse ruling. This conservative court is downright activist.

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    Just curious, if the blacks want history erased by having all the statues removed across the country and mascots removed, how come they haven’t put up a fight to have “Black Friday” renamed? Let’s try to think up some new names.

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    “This ruling is an affront to……” Brace yourself for the bar complaint Michael.

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        And unlike Judges he provides jobs through the business he built and was elected by the people/not appointed by some greaser political process.

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    As “an American” he can say anything he wants; as a lawyer he’s a North Korean and he better keep his mouth shut (or else).

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    Our system is so badly bastardized by these prosecutors in robes and the defense bar puts up with this shit because they are poorly represented. Broward has no more superstar to stand up to judges who blow their own horns. Most people didn’t like Howard but at least he stood up to them and called them out. Gordon will never replace Howard and the judiciary now has a power grab. Bacdl is a f****** joke in regards to standing up to the judiciary or the chief judge. So only way to change things is to support judicial candidates who had nothing to do with Satz.

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      The only way to REALLY change this is to enact Bar Rule 4 into the felony criminal statutes, and through an independent statewide special prosecutions unit, charge, prosecute and sentence every prosecutor and judge for their dishonest criminal misconduct. Despite black-Satz Pryor, in respons to Gelin’s direct question, campaigned he would prosecute criminal prosecutors, he has not done anything. We also need a constitutional amendment creating an independent civilian oversight body above the Fla Bar and the JQC, so dirty Fla Bar and JQC lawyers can also be charged for refusing to do their jobs.

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