Chuck Morton is done with retirement. He’s heading back to the SAO as a full-time ASA.

We spoke to Chuck earlier today, who told us he’s coming back not in an administrative or supervisory role, and will be responsible for trial/case evaluation and investigation, as well as being a “senior adviser.” In short, Chuck stressed he will primarily be trying cases, but will also be available to help out in other areas.


Fein for Siegel – Thanks to Andy Siegel for always being accessible to lawyers with both emergencies and gripes alike during his tenure as Chief of the Criminal Division. And here’s to looking forward to similar approachability by incoming Criminal honcho Marty Fein, effective January 1st …


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      That guy will be on death row for 100 years with all the spite & nonsense I’ve heard from her against defense in front of jury. Have they asked for mistrial or done anything to preserve record? PD pled him out guilty at first appearance. Nothing happening to his head for 50 years between judge & PD.

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      He’d trade in his mother to stay on the dole. Knew it wouldn’t be too long until he jumped on the Pryor wagon ! THE GUY IS A LOLLIPOP

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    I would hardly call it retirement. He was Of Counsel to a well known Fort Lauderdale civil firm and was teaching at Nova Law School. Retirement is more like what most of the lazy asses on this blog do all day talking to each other about brilliant ways to get a continuance.

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        Rare to see any top tier ie UF resumes. Noone cares if you are uneducated at the rest of Florida’s law schools. Except maybe UM & FSU… maybe Stetson

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    Those people may live in hovels and slums but they’re lucky they didn’t live in the sewer like me.

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    Move over Zaccor. The legend is back to clean up your mess. Morton will outshine you every minute of your day. You thought that suspension hurt your precious ego? Move over for the real deal. Morton is in the house.

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      The PDO is the same. There’s no one left to handle the big cases. Howie and Mike chased them all away.

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    Just another slider back for more. Never had much respect for Morton when he was kissing azz the first time. Now that he’s decided to worm in again, even less.

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      Morton is a great lawyer at “lawyering.” That does not mean he is an honest one. But since there is no accountability or liability for dishonesty, he slimes away.

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    Pryor should have brought Chuck on board in the first place instead of the two idiots that he has in Admin. Gina and Neva have no clue how to manage people or an office. But too late. Not even bringing Chuck back can save that office.

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      Pryor must be desperate if he’s dredging up old Morton to shore up the ranks. As I recall, Morton didn’t serve as much at all other than being anUncle Tom under Shatz ! Lol
      Now he’s back under Mama’s Boy ? What kind of shit show is going on in the SA ?

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      Neva is absolutely better than Gina. Neva is probably the one holding everything afloat right now.

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    We’re going to start right at the beginning with the LSAT exams that have been placed before you.

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    The maker of the offensive fountain pen that has stained the Royal flesh shall hang by the string of a Tampax until dead.

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    The county clerk is cheating out on holding pdf’s online. I’ve been paperless in federal forever. Because all online. I know the price for pdf storage is high but this sucks. PDFs only online 2 weeks.

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    Good to see that old hide the evidence Morton will be back at SAO to teach the youngsters how to proerly cheat.

    Good to see that criminal justice reform in action

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