Jeff Marcus sent an office wide SAO email this morning with great news: the female DVU ASA with concerns is negative for Covid-19.

No word yet on the other ASA.

The email ends this way:

We do not intend to change our policy. We will still not attend in court hearings in person.

9 thoughts on “NEGATIVE!”

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    Very happy to hear she is negative and it’s the right decision by Mr Marcus as well.

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    Beginning to catch on at last. Good to hear the test was negative. Now get on with emptying the jails of non-violent offenders and maintain continued transparency.
    Its a shame it takes a pandemic to stop the games played by so many punks trying to make a name for themselves.

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    Two courthouse bailiffs have tested positive for Coronavirus and several others have been exposed to the Coronavirus. Supposedly they are home in quarantine.

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