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      One reason would be if they get arrested on new charges & come thru bond court during the weekend, they risk getting their current bond revoked “sua sponte” and held No Bond, then requiring them to wait to get placed on the in-custody docket for emergency hearing during “night court”. No risk of bonds getting revoked with weekday Broward bond court Judge Cawthon, since she hardly even revokes Pretrial Release on 99% of everyone currently out on it.

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    I’m so confused. This will be done by zoom?…. but the defendant has to go in person?

    Also, half these defendants don’t even have an ID. An ID has never been required to take a plea. So why now?

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    Its no big surprise that Broward Judges will use any excuse to sit on their butts and do nothing for as long as they can get away with it. Administering Justice is way down on their list of priorities. Broward Judges have always thought of acquiring a judgeship in Broward as is a free ride to retirement with all the perks they can grab along the way.
    There’s really no excuse with today’s technology that the Court System couldnt be up and running at max efficiency even during this Covid Pandemic. Most other Circuits have grappled with and succeeded in tackling problems associated with this pandemic and are doing so effectively without all the roadblocks Judges are throwing up here in Broward.
    There’s no effective leadership or honesty from Chief Judge Tuter because there’s no desire to do their jobs effectively. Its more about collecting their paychecks and doing nothing they don’t have to.
    The entitlement these joker judges feel they are due here in Broward doesn’t comport with the Public Service role they like to push because its much easier to milk taxpayers and come up with excuses as Tuter has repeatedly shown with his lack of leadership and political schmoozing.
    They sure like to honor themselves lacking any substance to the BS they profess.
    Its a sad state of affairs with these slackers, but I don’t ever see any improvement on the horizon with South Florida being an open haven for perhaps the worst judges in the state, a grab bag for incompetent, inept, and corrupt practices of the truly mediocre.
    Its what happens when self interest has eroded judicial integrity to the point that its completely taken presidents over proper and fair administration of Justice.
    We sure have all the hypocrisy that comes along with being a judge here in Broward playing out now for all to see. Just compare it to what’s going on elsewhere in other circuits if there’s still any doubt.

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    There’s no lawyers in Broward. Only whiners and azz kizzers. They think the 4th is part of a golf course.

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