20 thoughts on “PARKLAND FALLOUT”

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      Tuter is the EMBARASSMENT !! He WORKED for her (Scherer’s) Father!! Conflict of interest … maybe?!!! Yes!!!
      Scherer should Never have been at 17.
      Tuter NEEDS TO GO!!!
      Special Election Time!!
      Get it together this Broward Court Corruption MUST Stop!!

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    Washed up and washed out already. Liz has got problems. Any wonder why the rumors are swirling around that she’s headed off the Broward bench to parts unknown ?
    The idea that Judge Tuter would allow such an inexperienced judge to preside over the Cruz case to begin with has turned around to bite him in the butt. Although, come to think about it, Judge Tuter isn’t that experienced either. He’s too busy playing politics and attending finger-painting classes.

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      There’s a reason he came in 4th in a 4 way election. Dead last. The voter’s aren’t stupid. The JNC can be stupid because they allow political manipulations. Why on earth would the JNC appoint someone who had recently came in last in an election.

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    The Judges are the big problem. The JQC too. Why did Judge Bryson have attendance problems with them. When Judge Scherer is a rarity. The other Judges. Why do they tolerate it all. Why don’t they vote Tuter out. Are they afraid his portrait on the wall is watching them?

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    Tuter only has another year and a half to screwup as CJ. After that I wouldn’t be surprised if he retires as a judge period. He’s sucked this Circuit dry with all his BS and he’s certainly not going to be able to handle any division assignment. He’ll be done without any lamenting his departure.

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    The only person that’s washed up is Tuter. The sooner this skater is voted out, after never being voted in as a judge, the better.

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    Sorry to hear Norm Kent passed. He was a good lawyer very opinionated on his views huge baseball fan but a kind soul.
    RIP Storming Norman “Norma” Kent hope ol Neil Rogers is welcoming you with open arms, cigar and something in his puss.
    You will be remembered as a good soul.
    Thank you

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