Chris Pole is heading to the Civil Division for the remainder of his term, starting in July.

No word on any replacement in Criminal yet, or whether the JNC will be filling the slot, or if the move is designed to make him more marketable as a returning senior judge …

35 thoughts on “POLE TO CIVIL”

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    Once you are added to the national organ transplant waiting list, you may receive an organ fairly quickly or you may wait many years. In general, the average time frame for waiting can be 3-5 years at most centers and even longer in some geographical regions of the country. You should ask your transplant center to get a better understanding of the wait times.

    Some factors that determine how long you wait include:
    How well you match with the available kidney
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    How many donors are available in your local area.

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      The first consideration to be added to the national list is mental stability. The way you are dwelling on this you won’t even be considered. Renal failure sucks but so does cancer so be grateful that you have a condition that modern medicine can help. Be grateful for every day you live, we all have some sort of medical condition. Face it, we are all going to die we just don’t know the date.

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    This is stupid. Andino is not a nice prosecutor but digging up his silly post from 10 years ago is extremely petty.

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    Its not possible to gut Voir Dire when there’s no trials. There’s no continuances to deny anymore either. Off to Civil then.

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    Senior Judges? Why this mention? Why they need more Judges when half them do squat anyway?

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    You bring the gas masks, you carry the signs, and you bring the bullhorn…….now let’s get out there and take a knee

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    I should have known when I became a Juris Doctor I’d end up reading lab reports all day

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    Listen I just filed in on this one as Defense Attorney and I’m taking you off the case

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    Michael Weinstein Plaintiff vs. Mercedes Benz Financial Services USA LLC Defendant.

    Has anyone read this?

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    I have to remember to call Twitter Girl to ask which knee I’m supposed to take…..and Jeff better be there to help me back up

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    I’m not defending anyone but if you have to go back 10 years to dig up stuff on someone that’s not helping your cause. In fact it shows maybe the person has made some positive changes to their life. We all did things in the past we aren’t proud of and no longer are the same person. Just saying

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