22 thoughts on “PRYOR, WEEKES, FORMAN …”

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    If she wins it’s because the plethora of so called change agents gave it to her by splitting the votes so thin. Why couldn’t they make way for one or two talented candidates to save this County?

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    GORDON WEEKES 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is this ignorant blog going to do now!? What will you people write about??? What will you do with your lives!?!? For years you all have disrespected this gentleman, and even his wife and children. You all had your fun with your memes and your trashy posts. And now what? LOL

    Congratulate your new Broward Public Defender.

    And yes, go ahead and dislike this comment 110 times.

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      That is the worst of all of this. Every other result can be explained, but Forman, uggh!

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      And no run offs thanks to Bush. Nobody got 50 percent and more votes against her than for her. And she wins? If there was a run off she would lose. She’s so inept and corrupt.

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      CONGRATULATIONS Clerk Brenda D. Forman!!! “When They Go Low You Go High” …Michelle Obama 🙏 Yesssssssssssssssssss

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        She will be removed at some point. She’s a corrupt lying paranoid idiot. Sooner or later

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      Not so fast: Bailey is in a Nov runoff with Odom

      Neither got 50%

      As much as I like Odom, I will have to encourage everyone to vote Bailey because of the whole ‘racist dale holness’ thing.

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    All I want in return for handing her the election is an in-court clerk on Sr Judge day

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