Trial Court Administrator Kathy Pugh has, in a fashion, responded to our emailed requests from yesterday regarding the blocking of JAABLOG’s emails and JAABLOG hosting Night Court Live!

After we didn’t hear anything back for the bulk of today, the following email was sent to Jack Tuter, 17th Circuit PIO Meredith Bush, and to Pugh.

Email sent at 4:14 PM:

Good afternoon … can Court Administration arrange to have the Sun Sentinel, JAABLOG, or some other media outlet broadcast the emergency dockets for the duration of the closures?

Here’s the response from Pugh, who has joined Tuter and Bush on the JAABLOG blackout list:

And there you have it.

Apparently JAABLOG serves no legitimate purpose at all in the eyes of the 17th Circuit’s Judicial Administration …


28 thoughts on “PUGH RESPONSE!”

  1. 22


    Let me get this straight. An email about public access to courts is blocked by the very officials required to provide access to courts?

    1. 0


      oh no. you got it right.
      JAAB is a much needed “public utility” that save lives.
      POI perfunctory window dressing.
      modus operandi ? Onion? unpinning 1ST.? one layer at a time.

    1. 6


      He’s got a lot going on now. He’s normally befuddled by Jaab. It’s got to be double bad now.

  2. 7


    Of all times to go after blog, why when its the only thing getting the info out?

      1. 5


        and more proof is the ones the JQC failed to bring into the spotlight because it involves too many Other judges, too-and their actual felony criminal actions and statutorily defined as criminal conspiracy to assist, conceal, continue and approve I a process called “appellate” under Fla. R. App P.

  3. 3


    And if we send everyone under 55 to prison we’ll be safe from all viruses and live happily ever after

    1. 1


      ‘Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.’ — Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s ruthless head of the Soviet secret police.

  4. 7


    Indestructible Mjolnir together with the power of Odin and Ilona this loss shall be avenged

  5. 16


    When you have a judiciary being run like its a carnival, nothing surprises me about what goes on around here.
    These jokers behave more like they’re running a protection racket.

    1. 19


      If that;s the case, then then Diaz should be fired a long time ago. The Clerk’s Office couldn’t be any more poorly run. It’s perhaps the worst in the State with a bunch of uneducated idiots scattering for a place to hide every time you walk in there. Really pathetic.

      1. 2


        She must know how to run a campaign. The unfortunate reality of having so many summers absolutely ruined by her husband getting opposed every time means one thing: she knows how to run a campaign. She could make lemons out of lemonade. She could win.
        Ms. Forman should step aside. Ms. Forman could lose this. If she makes a deal with Mrs. Diaz to be the Exec., she is guaranteed the ride continues. Instead of risking a loss.
        Ms. Diaz has never been accused of the type of personality issues of her husband, described by the Sun Sentinel as Drama or those of Ms. Forman, described by Judge Backman as a hissy fit and by Judge Speiser as Bad Faith.
        Ms. Diaz is acknowledged as the only person holding the mess of a Clerk Office together. She’s polite to everyone too.
        Ms. Diaz should go for it.

  6. 5


    Jack and Kathy won’t put up with my juvenile nonsense. WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! They don’t think I am a real press guy with credentials. WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. They blocked my harassing, trite, and self-aggrandizing emails. WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This never happened to me at Boson Market! MOMMMMYYYYYY! MAKE THEM STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

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