18 thoughts on “RESPONSE!”

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      That has to be a joke. Right?
      She is the absolute worst. She is just a really bad person.

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    Dude—I hope the Supreme Court sua sponte initiates a bar ethics inquiry into this lady (honick). She was unethical even in her cherry picking of the record and only providing snippets without context. How does she think she’ll get away with that? I mean the state always gets away w everything, but has she never tangled with the Supreme Court?? Does she not understand that she’s telling on herself??

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    She’s set herself for a fall with this stunt … Couldn’t happen to a bigger bimbo.

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    One of the best judges in Miami just resigned. Judge Michael Hanzman who oversaw t h e Surfside building collapse lawsuit settlement and got it done in under a year. We keep losing some of the good ones. What a shame..

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