Probate division to be filled …

Email from Jack Tuter sent at 4:26 PM:

Judges this is to advise effective April 10 judge siegel will return to criminal and take over division fy

this leaves a vacancy in the probate division

if anyone is interested in probate please let me know asap



(Absent Fourth DCA intervention, Andy Siegel will be in trial on Statewidegate for roughly the next two to three weeks, the likely cause for the April 10th start date in FY. Our understanding is Siegel will also be covering FY later this week … )

9 thoughts on “SIEGEL FOR HENNING”

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    Why do we get stuck with Siegel again? Can they send him to family and give us Viamontes?? She has the most criminal experience and is being wasted in family..

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    Andy has just become another burnout Broward judge because there’s no Judicial Rotation in place. These punks just can’t take the heat after a while and it leads to meltdown. Seen it before and we’ll see it again.

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