Thank you for your emails.  The response has been excellent.  Rest assured, ticket requests have been received and properly logged, and you will be contacted shortly with specifics.

Lastly, now is the time to finish sending in questions for consideration by the panel members to put to the candidates.  Send to us here, or click on Rafael Olmeda or David Ovalle.

Accordingly, the following email was sent to the candidates earlier this afternoon:

Good Afternoon … I am pleased to announce the tickets for the December 4th debates have been reserved to venue capacity.

At this time there are five tickets reserved for each of the candidates to disperse, although more may become available as the event date gets closer to be prioritized to be equally distributed to candidates.

The plan is to have a very professional, presidential style debate, with a podium and microphone for each candidate, with questions, follow-ups, and the opportunity to debate your opponents. The League of Women Voters has kindly offered to provide the time keeping function, with Mr. Ovalle from the Miami Herald moderating.

Mr. Olmeda, myself, the League, and Mr. Ovalle will be sitting down shortly to go over some specifics, and I will update accordingly …

101 thoughts on “SAO/PDO DEBATES UPDATE”

    1. 12


      Poor Gordon Weaks
      Tony tweaked his cheek
      Now Lynch Green and Sean will be lonely
      Because Gordo lacks cajones

  1. 21


    I’m confident despite his dollar donations and community fish fries that Weekes had better be brushing up on his legal skills, because he’s going to need them when the skating rink closes up. Had enough of that with Finkelstein.
    There’s absolutely no reason why Weekes shouldn’t have a caseload like the rest of us. He should be setting an example instead of doing zilch like the rest of the PD supervisors. Its time for a big change in the management of the PDs Office. The dead wood needs to be eliminated.

  2. 33


    I think we should have a debate for the judges in this county too. I’d pay to see Melinda Brown, Barbara McCarthy, Jill Levy, Dennis Bailey, Mindy Solomon, Thomas Coleman, Marty Fein, Bob Diaz, and Elizabeth Scherer debate each other.

    Topics can include fairness, respect, efficient docket management, and racial disparity at sentencing!

    People can submit sample topic questions:

    -How will you treat service dogs in your courtroom?

    -How many times will you storm off the bench per day?

    -How many times per month do you get reversed?

    -If re-elected will your JA answer emails?

    -Do you promise a full term without a JQC complaint?

    -Will you refrain from locking Mickey up?

    -Do you promise not to get arrested?

    1. 0


      He needs to do a better plucking job on the feathers above his knees. That’s a problem area. He should talk to my eyebrow girl.

  3. 11


    Mr. Weekes has no cred with the courthouse community .

    The pictures of the racial disparities of court on Jaab are an example.

    He cannot stand in front of the courthouse community and defend his failures in many other different ways too.

    I’m surprised he agreed to stand in front of them in the first place.

  4. 18


    Weeke’s name appearing last on the ballot after Green and Lynch as wells as his busted out campaign fund raising efforts and lack of support within his own office except for his bimbos Lorena and Nadine will insure his handy defeat for the Office of Public Defender. His supercilious and insincere nature won’t help him at the polls either.
    This last turn tail and run incident as he ducked out of a debate he had already confirmed to make an appearance at pretty much seals the deal.
    Gordo who had accomplished nothing but dodging a caseload will lose and lose big time.
    But expect to hear from Lit’l Pips Howie when he finally greases on out the door to pontificate about how it’s all race related and by design by the same political lizards who have been out to get him for years and thus his ineffective policy pimp Gordo.
    Lit’l Pips Howie has remained uncharacteristicly silent about Lynch. There’s some good reasons for it.

  5. 18


    Our question is very simple….is Saranell Murphy pro LGBT is she prolife is she pro Trump like her husband and is she a Republican or a make believe fake democrat just so that she can maybe get elected in Broward County. Saranell Murphy needs to answer these very basic simple questions.??

    1. 9


      fake democrat? you mean, like someone who has been a registered republican their entire life and appointed by a hard right, republican, pro-trump governor to replace an elected democrat and then quickly switches their registration to democrat? you mean someone dishonest like that? you mean someone who is hoping to fool the voters?

      I have no idea what you talking about.

      1. 11


        Get your facts straight. Everyone here knows we were behind Israel as far as him cleaning up BSO, but the facts are the facts.

        Scott Israel was a longtime registered Republican until he decided to run for sheriff of Broward.

        In a “Recent” interview on local MSM,
        Scott stated he registered as a Republican when he was in school to get a job in Long Island. Said he never thought about changing it until he ran for Broward sheriff.

        So by his own admission, he was a lifetime Republican, and maybe a phony.

        A politician that lied, who’d of thunk it.

  6. 26


    Due to the huge interest in the debate, tickets were only reserved for attorneys. Any SAO secretarial staff member wishing to attend the debate, please contact me personally. To me, Staff is just as important to the success of our office as are the lawyers. I will only have roughly 5 or 6 tickets, so I’ll randomly select the tickets, and I will provide as many as I can to you regardless of whom you are supporting in the election!

  7. 28


    Sheila Alu for Broward County State Attorney. And please FIRE Saranell Murphy and ALL of her do nothing cohort’s. Sheila Alu for State Attorney 2020.

  8. 22


    I hear Lorrena is hustling for a full time position at NSU Law. Guess she sees the writing on the wall.

    1. 8


      Why shouldn’t Admin be looking out for themselves? Quitting the chance to show the APD’s who he really is was the last straw. It’s just a matter of time now.

      1. 10


        Gordo has the dream but not the drive. Lynch will clean house of the present skater administration and equitably divide the caseloads along with salaries. PD needs a much needed overhaul. Gordo would just be more of the same. That’s why so many good attorneys have left after a short time and that’s why Gordo doesn’t have the support of the office. It doesn’t take long to catch onto what’s going on.

          1. 0


            Better than Keuthan and her bunch of Lezbo zeros while Lit’l Howie pursued his channel 7 career. In the interim the office was run into the ground and the quality of representation plummeted to where it is today with idiots like Gordon Weekes running for Public Defender.

  9. 12


    Is The Website South Florida Corruption Safe?

    There have been some malicious, slanderous individuals who have accused our website and blog of being both “a fake website to install malware on your computer to steal your personal information“, and “we just want your IP address” for nefarious reasons.

    We hope to clear this up with this article/video, you must know it’s total Bull-Shit! So let’s try to answer the question- Is The Website South Florida Corruption Safe?

    1. 5


      You. and your website SFC are not safe
      Avoid this website
      They only want your info to use against you

      1. 8


        There are the facts, what security companies say about us;
        and the BS you say.

        Guess which one people find more reliable.

          1. 1


            ROM THE THREAD

            YOU MAKE THE CALL!

            February 12, 2018 Jaaber 389 Comments

            WE HEARD THIS BEFORE says:
            March 8, 2018 at 8:36 pm


            South Florida Corruption admits he wants your ip address TOTAL SCAM
            April 15, 2017 at 5:28 pm



            South Florida Corruption
            April 13, 2017 at 1:09 am

            You keep putting words in our mouths and then keep repeating your lies in a pathetic attempt to convince people it’s true.
            Remember we can prove everything you said even if the blog owner deletes them.

            The blog emails all comments to us.

            Also use a program called HTTrack website copier. Copy the blog every couple of weeks. It’s about 12gb’s.

            Notice no copyright claim on this blog.
            The only intellectual claim jaaber could make are on his posts.

            Anonymous comments by anonymous people cannot claim intellectual property on those comments.

            Time for a little payback.

            Wait until you see all the fun we’re going to have posting your comments along with ours on our website and blog.

            We’ll make sure Broward voters know you’re lawyers and will remind them of things like CUNTOPIA and other sexist statements you made.

            You’re going to make all on this blog look bad, not to mention the ones that might come here and screw with you.

            Wait till OUR readers hear you can post anonymous here.


            South Florida Corruption is mirroring Bill Gelin’s website Jaablaw
            April 13, 2017 at 9:53 am

            there are limitations
            Aturd is up to no good again
            April 13, 2017 at 10:38 am

            south florida corruption admits it is a scam and is looking for your ip address probably to intimidate you(sic)

            1. 9


              The above states no such thing

              You seem to be VERY OBSESSED with us.
              Why would anyone try so hard to have some avoid us?

              They are worried we will find something out about THEM! They must be corrupt somehow.

              Feel sorry for them.. That’s some way to live keeping track of everything we say

              As far as posting your comments made here on our blog, why don’t you read our last article.


                  1. 2


                    SFC, Broward Beat, MH. SS and BO’s. Please look into Judge Michael Kaplan,
                    down there in Broward County. Reputation is not good. He is the same Family Court Judge who signed these ridiculous charges against Tim & Field who have never been to the state of Florida.

                    Thank you.

                    1. 4


                      2020 will feature Forman vs. Forman- maybe I can confuse voters even more with Kaplan vs. Kaplan!

                      Vote RICHARD BRIAN “hungry dog” KAPLAN for judge. Ensuring liberty and name game politics for all.

          2. 7


            LIAR! Give the url for this mirrored site-no such thing!

            We said we used that program to copy this blog so if the owner deletes ant comments, we will have them and we do. All the ones deleted after Contini last year, we have fool.
            Just SPIN

            However if you’re Masler, you are illegally mirroring aa state of FLA website to do such..

            1. 1



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              1. 5


                Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.
                Mark Twain

                Man, you really need professional help.
                There is no site online as you imply, we just have a copy.

                AGAIN, if what you say is true, then give the url of this mirrored site!

                Another false slanderous statement, our website is not even close to being a copy of JAAB.

                Are you so dumb as to think no one from this blog has seen our website? They all know you’re full of it. Go take your meds.

              2. 6


                offline browser

                Simply open a page of the “mirrored” website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online.

                Description states you are viewing “mirrored” site OFF-LINE.

                Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.
                Mark Twain

                1. 1


                  ”The blog emails all comments to us.

                  Also use a program called HTTrack website copier. Copy the blog every couple of weeks. It’s about 12gb’s.“

                  1. 3


                    Yeah, we said that.
                    Again, SO WHAT!
                    You still cannot provide a link to this so called “Mirrored Website” we supposedly have online.

                    Like we said, all the deleted comments over the past 4 years, WE HAVE.

                    It’s one of MANY OFF_LINE BROWSERS you idiot.

                    Don’t know as much about the internet as you claim to huh?

                    Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.
                    Albert Einstein

      2. 7


        More proof of your slander.
        Name one person we have done that to in the four years we’ve been around fool.
        Now go take some more drugs.

  10. 6


    Can the candidates please discuss Satz’s latest round of ‘raises’ in light of only seeing with Miami did. And The PD ‘raises’ which only came because of legislation and not on merits.

    1. 1


      if you have any other docs. Please send them to us, or better yet post them here. Once they are here we are comfortable publishing them also.

    1. 3


      When is the media going to report this. So many questions…
      is it true? If it is- why was he there? Why was an executive assignment not issued since he is. Judge? Has anyone notified the JQC?

      1. 3


        We agree and will do what little we can as the documents on the clerks website are not public. Family Court.

        POST MORE! (The real reason we come here)

        We’ll look into contacting the victim, but doubt from what we read so far he wants to talk while on probation at least.

        Doubt the judge will talk to us either.

        In our opinion, that is a canon violation. Appearance of doing wrong. Seems very unusual. Everything.

    2. 6


      Is this Barry Stone the same lying scumbag former 4th DCA judge? And now he’s dipping his stick as a 17th Cir Ct. judge again?

  11. 2


    So what was their relationship?

    Any idea why a white dude would be in North Lauderdale hanging with a felon… I will assume it wasnt for a meeting of the book club.

    What types of things to old white guys want in North Lauderdale that can come through a felon?

  12. 4




  13. 11


    Former State Attorney Barry Krischer, deciding there were ‘no victims,’ mishandled his own case:

    He undermined the only victim to testify as she spoke to the grand jury
    He didn’t believe 13 underage girls, never speaking to them or their parents
    He fell in line with Epstein’s defense, using the girls’ social media pages against them

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