As promised, here is the transcript concerning Dennis Bailey’s now withdrawn canine ban in State v. Myron Rosner.

There’s a reference on page 6/7 to a conversation concerning the dog from a prior hearing, right after Bailey notes other people can help the paraplegic if he falls down and the dog isn’t present.  When that transcript becomes available, we will be sure to post …

(skip to page 24, after reading beginning)


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    Guys in my high school used to be jealous of kids whose parents let them have pets. It was no big deal.

  2. 12


    Just because paralyzed people may live in dog doo infested slums doesn’t mean they can mess up a courtroom

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    At least he’s trying. It’s not his fault his awaiting reprimand best behavior is bowling alley material.

  4. 20



    Guess if you want to know who we are looking at these days, you’ll have to go to our blog or You tube channel. Now over 2 million views and over five-thousand subscribers.

    Said we were not in it for the money. Notice our channel has no advertising-(Not Monetized).

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      Truly, he could have been making reference to “southern style cooking. as in, mention of North Carolina just prior.
      Also note, he mentioned he was getting hungry, where he shows solidarity with the inmates plight.

      In this case, and the recording reflects, the JQC is on a political a which hunt to show some powers, but only the mundane issues that woefully in need of pessimistic and speculative conclusions for The JQC to convene.

      This action is nothing more than to surface as deflections from more serious legal terror, and judicial activisms from the benches.
      Guess what??? Brace yourself. Black people do better BBQ…
      For this acknowledgement, the judge needs to be burned?

      The JQC and Bar are the ones who speak the twilight language

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        Black people make the best ribs.
        Go Tom Jr., Go.
        Don’t let The Racist JQC take the wind from your sail.

      2. 9


        What a bad joke. With all the looney tunes sitting on the bench in Broward, they want to call Bailey out for a stupid comment concerning fried chicken and watermelon 🍉?
        Absent more judicial oversight and a chief judge that has some since of duty, the clowns are still running the show.
        How about Judicial Rotation so these clowns stop feeling like its their own fiefdoms they’re running into the ground ?
        Broward lags far behind other circuits in instituting Judicial Rotation as a means to stem Judicial Burnout resulting in aberrant behavior resembling more of a carnival than a Court of Law.

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          I thank God for Black People,
          And so it seems based on the recording, Bailey does too.

          I love sweat potato pie, and never once has a white person offered me a piece. When I do run into good sweat potato pie, its made and given to me by a black person. Based on set theory, and Godel’s incompleteness theorems, Its likely Bailey had broke bread and sweat potato pie with black folks.
          Think about what Bailey said, and understand context.
          Ask yourself, is that something a racist would do?
          You can actually hear he admiration in his voice.
          I totally get where he was coming from.
          Try Tom Jrs ribs, Griffin / US1, and you’ll see.

          Also note, the best BBQ is in the worst areas.
          When I’m hungry at night, in a new area, I stop the car and listen up for gun fire. And I go there. Because, that’s where the best BBQ is. Some of the best people, are in the worst areas.

          1. 8


            Are we all supposed to make pretend that Korean’s make sweat potato pie “just as good”?
            The Swiss make good Taco’s, and Mexican’s make great watches?
            Its all JQC/FLBAR twilight language.

            The JQC is not after Bailey.
            The JQC is after the public through Bailey, for the sole purpose of political correctness.

            1. 5


              I like pastrami on good rye bread.
              Whenever I go to a Kosher deli, and don’t see any Jews some where’s behind the counter, I simply walk out in discuss knowing the end is near.

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        Got another suggestion: get the dogs off the bench in Broward and replace them with judges that know how to do the simple job without all the activist lip …

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      I have been retained to protect the record for appellate proceedings and for organ grinding

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