Brenda v. Blog has attracted a lot of attention, and now a new guest author, Elihu Smalls. His post is an update on the ongoing search for two new federal judges.  As reported by the SDFLA Blog, Raag Singhal is a front-runner for one seat, while perennial government application-filler John Couriel is being talked about for the other.

Smalls’ post is more “R” than the usual JAABLOG fare, but the timing is perfect, given the unconfirmed rumor that the Bar’s 1st Amendment IP Address attack may be a trial balloon in line with Donald Trump’s desire to modify free speech when it concerns public figures. In any event, as always, anyone seeking to publish coherent and relevant articles on JAABLOG, or looking for equal time, can drop us a line.

And without further ado, here’s Mr. Smalls:

Can Jeb Bush loving candidate be your next Federal Judge?

Who is the next Federal Judge appointment?

Word is that Rubio, who President Donald Trump used to call “little” Marco, and the President have been close due to Rubio’s activity in the Senate. Due to that closeness, the President takes his recommendations seriously. 

So who is Marco Rubio’s rumored recommendation for a Federal Seat in the Southern District? John Couriel, a Miami Lawyer. 

The only problem? Well it seems that Marco Rubio thinks the White House will have a short term memory lapse.

John Couriel was also a leading applicant for the US Attorney position that was recently filled by the Honorable Ariana Fajardo.  

It’s been told that during that interview process, there was a discussion about Bush and Trump that could have cost Couriel the job. The fact Couriel wrote-in Bush’s name on the ballot in 2016 wasn’t missed either.

So now the question remains: will the President’s loyalty to Marco Rubio overshadow putting someone on the bench that was anti-Trump? Will the President’s ego let him kneel to the political power of Marco Rubio to appoint John Couriel?

This is going to be a HOT summer on the Federal Bench!

Elihu Smalls

43 thoughts on “BY ELIHU SMALLS”

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    I’m glad all this judicial stuff is still about the most accomplished person being awarded.

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    The last time I saw Elihu he was drunk at a Federalist Society mixer, waving a golf club around.

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    Here is the solution:

    The dog stays in the hallway.

    The clerk periodically refills the dog’s bowl with takeout fried chicken.

    Attorney Morse changes the client’s pants as needed.

    It’s called problem solving people.

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      Great solution!

      Finally something Tom Morse can be good at.

      I heard Morse got the book award at Thomas Cooley Law for being best at wiping other peoples bottoms after they soiled themselves. Way to go Tom.

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    Broward Judges hold the record in the state of Florida for Judicial Removal, Judicial Resignations, Pay to Play and Poor Behavior …
    And yet they haven’t gotten the message…

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      To 6:49, above:

      No, not “bad judgement”…….

      It’s “Bad Spelling” – the word is ‘judgment’!!

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      No shortage of poor judgment when it comes to Broward judges on the sauce

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    I was at Choate with Elihu. If Elihu says there’s something to pay attention to here, then damnit its important to pay attention.

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      Elihu’s chiseled good looks and the 1/4 gram he always carried in his blazer pocket meant we were in danger of even our Mom’s leaving us. But it was hard not to love him, his generosity and his parents MSG skybox also didn’t hurt. Lucky SOB.

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    Maybe he was going to write one of his ridiculous super politically driven “originalist” opinions with the duck blood.

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      The duck blood was for the drinking trough/ritual bath at the next Federalist Society secret meeting?

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    The duck blood was for the drinking trough/ritual bath at the next Federalist Society secret meeting?

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    Sad to see such a decline in comments since it came out the FLBar is looking for Ip addresses. Reminds me of the end of the Bob Norman blog on New Times when they traced comments to an ip tied to the Jay Hurley campaign. After that that blog went down in flames. #jaab4life

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      The war on free speech was ramped up in 2015…
      The masks are off the deep state.

      A private corp. should never be an extension of The SC.
      Merge corp. with state? Hence, =’s “Fascism”.
      Educated persons know this. Schooled persons, not so much.
      Fully Self-Regulated Corporations, should never represent The SC. Educated persons know why.

      They are not after the lawyers. They’re after the public.
      The lawyers are their vehicle to get the Bill of Rights, from the public, by weakening Due Process, and redefining The 6th Amendment.
      Due Process was hijacked, and cloned into something different than what is was intended by a “private corp.

      Its our duty to protect country from a tyrannical government.
      Its time for ‘the public” to fight for the lawyers Free Speech…. “Pro Bono”

      Obedience is not a virtue

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        If lawyers can’t obtain their rights, what makes you think you’ll get yours?

        The NAZI’s were very obedient.
        Blind obedient sheep are the ones who do the genocide.

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    If you want to remain anonymous you should never post on any blog. It is too easy to access IP addresses. Proceed at your own peril.

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      Not really if you know what to do. First, if you are not doing anything against the law, it really doesn’t matter.

      YOU cannot find out who someone is just with their IP address. However you service provider can but will not do it for anyone except law enforcement and they do not necessarily need to be served with a warrant for it.

      Several simple ways to mask your IP, even from your service provider.

      First off, we strongly advise you DO NOT USE THE TOR BROWSER.
      The “ONION” is traditionally used by those on the “Dark Web” to mostly conduct illegal activity’s. In fact, some areas of the internet cannot be accessed with any browser other than TOR. Good way to end up on a government watch list.

      For most “Honest People” only worried about privacy, security, and maybe some blog that would silence you for some reason, a couple of solutions that should be paired together.

      Anonymous Proxy used with a VPN. In most cases a VPN will suffice, and will cost you about three dollars a month if you pay for 2 or 3 years up front.

      If you’re cheap, use public wi-fi. Your IP address is based on the router. Dunkin Donuts on 17th ST., will have a different IP address than the one on Sunrise Blvd. This will apply for a laptop or cell/tablet.

      Remember, with a mobile device you need to TURN OFF DATA, and only use internt/wi-fi.


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        “First, if you are not doing anything against the law, it really doesn’t matter”.

        All you have to do report child trafficking by FLBar Members.
        Think inversion. Think Evil. Think The Florida Bar.

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      The 1st. Amendment allows
      The Florida Bar Shadow Government’s Defeat Inevitable,

      This type of free speech used in the digital arena,
      will allow Florida Lawyers Free Speech to better represent their client and the public at large.

      No worries.
      The Florida Bar’s war on free speech is just a dead cat bounce. Nothing more… It Over… Keep fighting…

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    Opportunity knocks. Broward judges want to keep their secrets. But those days are long gone. Clean up the bench and demand judicial accountability. It won’t come from the top as we’ve repeatedly seen.

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    Very different Republican party then. They weren’t the heartless, homophobic, racist bastards that they are now.

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      Yes, there’s nothing more virtuous than one man putting his penis, up another guys ass.

      And I can certainly see the synergy fighting racism by equivocating perversions by mixing it in with the plight of black persons. After all, its the same issue.

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    “Ruth (as in the Book of),”

    You are a typical Republican who hates anyone even slightly different from them. Your rejection of others, just like the current leadership in the White House, is dangerous to our democracy as well as to our humanity. Hate is not a family value, and yet you and your counterparts practice it with enthusiasm on a daily basis. The biggest perversion right now is your support of the deconstruction of the truth and the replacement of the truth with the lies of Big Brother. I pity you.

    Thomas Paine

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    You’ve been brainwashed.
    The comments are flawed, and out of sync with context.
    ” is dangerous to our “democracy”
    That’s Marxist public school Twilight Language., from an approved K-12 / MK joint venture.

    Spoiler Alert and Critical Thinking….
    We are a Republic. Please try to get over it.

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      Why not take the time to contemplate the idea of a better life for yourself, while sitting in your garaged vehicle. Make sure the a/c is running…it’s a very hot day.

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        That’s not a very nice thing to say.
        Projection from adjustment disorders?

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    As a public service message and act of altruism… I just want to let you know that there are good medications for what you have… you just have to be willing to take them. You can do it! Please, for all of us.

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    Pass the Marijuana Justice Act

    More Americans are arrested for marijuana possession than for all violent crimes combined. If passed, the Marijuana Justice Act would legalize marijuana nationwide, and these statistics would be nonexistent. As a person working in the marijuana industry, Mariah has seen the good it can do. She is urging the House and Senate to pass the act now and end the criminalization of cannabis.

    The Marijuana Justice Act was just reintroduced into the House and Senate. It would legalize weed nationwide.

    If passed, the Marijuana Justice Act would remove marijuana from the US Controlled Substances Act, thereby ending federal criminalization of cannabis.

    If passed, this would allow medical research about the value of cannabis in the US. It would also bring about criminal justice reform in this country.

    It would expunge federal convictions specific to marijuana possession and allow individuals currently serving time in federal prison for marijuana-related offenses to petition the court for resentencing.

    More Americans are arrested for marijuana possession than for murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery (all violent crimes) — combined. And black Americans are four times more likely to be arrested for it than white Americans.

    Ten states and DC have legalized cannabis for recreational usage. And the use of medical marijuana is approved in 33 states and DC.

    The time is now. Urge the House and Senate to pass the Marijuana Justice Act now.

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      But how is The Bar going to install the toll booth vacuums left by legalizing? What new laws to compensate?

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