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The following was sent via email earlier today from Lindsay Lawrence Chase, the new president of BACDL:

Lindsay Chase



      On February 18, 2022, I had the honor of being sworn in as the new president of the Broward Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (BACDL). It is a privilege to be administered the oath of office by the Honorable Judge Kanner amongst friends, family, fellow attorneys, and board members.

      BACDL is the backbone of the criminal defense community and the organization is privileged with voicing the concerns of our members, Broward County defense attorneys, and our clients during these challenging times. It is important that we take time to survey immediate concerns addressing our practice area and advance an agenda to combat these concerns. With restrictions continuing to lift and normalization beginning to approach, it is imperative that we have a unified front on how we will address the concerns of our clients and ensure the protections granted in the Constitution while navigating the new status quo.

      During the next couple of weeks, I will be introducing myself to the various important players in the local legal community. I hope to set up meetings with these important players as well as with members to discuss goals and projects for the upcoming year. During the next year as president, I would like to offer more CLE opportunities, increase speaker presentations, create a mentorship program for our members, start a monthly newsletter with case law updates, establish a plan of action to address pressing problems affecting criminal defense lawyers and increase our partnerships with state and national organizations who share similar goals as us.

      I want BACDL to have a seat at the table and be able to have our position considered in decisions affecting criminal defense attorneys. I believe that the above changes will strengthen our voice in the community and assist us in effectuating real change. I am honored to have this new leadership position and look forward to the transformation of our organization.

Lindsay Chase


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        She’s got some set of snappers, don’t she ?
        BACDL is a sad joke no matter who’s the president!

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        Get a grip on it Lindsay. You ain’t gonna build a political platform for yourself thru BACDL. Its an impotent organization that has done nothing, and will continue to do nothing, since the only direction its taken for years has been to prop up a group of stakeholders whose only purpose is to promote themselves in a crooked game of hide and seek. No Justice here.

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      Anytime I hear a bimbo preaching real change, particularly anyone from an organization such as bacdl, I flush the toilet twice.

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    BACDL was a pretty strong organization until about 2005. At that point Howard had taken over the PD’s office and felt only public defenders could really represent the criminal side since they didn’t have a monetary interest. That’s a long time ago now so let’s see what happens.

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      I don’t know if it was ever “strong” but it did get worse after the line was drawn between Satz and Finkelstein. There’s also Jaab. Mike was furious and he had and still has a lot of loyal allies in BACDL. It kind of wilted for sure after all that.

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      Bullshit–it has always been a puppet organization to Satz, just like the PDs ofc. Any suggestion otherwise is simply delusional.

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    BACDL has for a very long time served as a ladder support group, regardless of it’s desired perceived function, to corrupt Broward judges and the corrupt and derisive functionality of the administrative of Justice.
    Anyone who has attended even one meeting knows this to be true.
    I personally wouldn’t give five minutes of my time or a dollar of my hard earned money to suffer the banality of an organization who professes one thing and flagrantly practices another.
    I sincerely doubt that this chick is any different from previous BACDL presidents who have only sought self-promotion by seeking to ingratiate themselves to a mediocre league of judges by practicing this type of hypocrisy at the expense of our clients.

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    What a stupid thing to say: “ w the important players in the defense community”

    Oh, pick me please, please?!

    She’ll undoubtedly ‘meet’ w other bacdl types to make themselves feel all relevant, whilst brown nosing.

    Just a bunch of do nothings

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      Important people (like the Judge the outgoing President was married to)…..I’m not holding my breath

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          There will be no transformation off BACDL. It has and will continue to be a worthless organization of butt-greasing, useless wannabes on the far fringes of a corrupt and equally useless Broward judiciary.
          Lindsay is just another airhead Dink who drank the cool aide.

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      Just a bunch of do nothings greasing their way to a robe since they can’t earn on their own.

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    But will they ever speak truth to power?? Will they ever call out judges on their bullshit?? Or will they continue to just try and curry favor with the “important players” and benefit themselves as individuals in the long run? Nominating random ass judges for awards and having an annual circle jerk? Like, ok, cool, love the intention/delusion, but I’m not rejoining BACDL til they actually take a position on shit, demand action by tuter Re: bad judges, etc. We are completely powerless and it’s pathetic.

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    It’s weird. At one moment Lindsay is acknowledging BACDL doesn’t matter, and needs a seat at the table.
    Then she says she’s going to get one by begging meetings with ‘important people’ which assumes she’s going down the same path that led to BACDL being a laughingstock.
    Honestly, without aggressive litigation and taking strong positions that will undoubtedly ruffle the feathers of some ‘important people’ how will BACDL ever get the respect she craves and we all need?
    Getting a seat at the table and earning one out of respect based on strength is the only way not networking.

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    I am the new President. I am now important.

    I will be introducing myself to the important players since I’m important too and they’ll welcome me to their important world.

    I’ll be setting up meetings with these important players.

    We’ll be discussing important things.

    We’ll then decide what’s important for all the non-important players like you to know.

    I’ll be sure to update with other important developments like news of me becoming President.

    President Lindsay Lohan

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    I’d rather this friendly white second grade teacher be on the bench than making coloring books at BACDL.

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    What a bunch of unhappy, grump curmudgeons these five idiots are. Lindsay, to be sure, you have got your work cut out for you. Not because your goals are impossible, but because of the historical culture of BACDL. The first thing on the agenda has to be recruiting a battalion of next generation solid criminal defense attorneys who can see the big picture and have enough energy to get off the couch to do something. Hopefully, the miserable do-nothing naysayers commenting here are not the people you will be working with. You’re going to make mistakes because you’re human (that “important people” comment could have probably been better said) but, so what? Learn from your mistakes, own them and move on. I’m sure you understand that you can’t please some people no matter what you do, so ignore them. I, for one, am delighted to see an attorney with your passion, energy, work ethic and intelligence take on this challenge. I wish you good luck and success in the year ahead. And for the rest of you: lead, follow or get out of the way.

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