38 thoughts on “DUI DIVERSION/MARCH 1st”

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    Was this written by the Defense Bar to keep the cash coming on expensive DUI pleads?
    Did Satz write it?

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    Hey guys! This is like totally great for me. So when someone comes to see me for the first time they will think that I’m this like amazing lawyer because of I got them a diversion. It’s like so amazing. Everyone will know just how great of a DUI/COVID/Hurricane/family law/ Med mal lawyer I am!!!

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    Did all the important players sign off on this pos program that no human being will be able to do?

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    So I can get ROR on any third degree FELONY or a withhold on felony drug charges (or a nolle pros) after a diversion or program – but for a misdemeanor this is the answer? About as much reform as saying they’re not prosecuting marijuana. Makes no sense- more punishment for a misdemeanor than a felony.

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    Diversions in veterans court don’t disqualify a person from the program has been my experience with clients.

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    Maybe some of you shit defense lawyers should start announcing ready more often. You literally give Pryor no reason to create a real diversion program because you pussies put no pressure on him.

    Then you bitch about how the program sucks. We’ll of course it sucks! It has no reason not to.

    And then on top of it you assholes go after Lindsay Lawrence, someone who’s actually ATTEMPTING change at an institutional level… albeit akin to tilting at windmills in this clown town.

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      Did I miss Ms. Lawrence’s response to this DUI diversion program??
      Maybe she could comment here as to her position? or the position BACDL?
      just alot of talk so far

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    Who wrote this? Who was tasked with writing this?!! They could have just copied either of our neighboring counties. But nooooo, they decide to go overboard and over strict and over confusing. Fucking stupid.

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    No specified length of probation? If no probation, what is the teeth for the post plea conditions? I guess the DHSMV could enforce it on their end. Can you plead no contest or is a plea of guilt required?

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    Why would anyone sign up for this program. You can get a Reckless Driving offer now…just announce ready for trial!
    The State has managed to include ALL the statutory penalties, and few new ones . It is the same as probation is now, only more imposing. And I loved the SCRAM and TAD requirement. That should not cause any problems…..until you can’t PAY for them!
    And Then!!!!! when you finish jumping through all these circus hoops and complete this crap, Do you get a dismissal????Hugh??
    NO, you get a withhold on a Reckless and a 6 month license suspension…WOW what a deal!
    The purpose of a diversion program is the wipe the slate clean and have a new start…..DO YOU SEE THAT HERE???

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    What an absolute idiot can’t even put together a simple DUI diversion program that he could have easily copied from another jurisdiction that had a successful DUI diversion program for years!!! Nope Pryor will screw that up too.

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    He campaigns all day/night and let’s Mike’s people run the place.
    He made all that stuff up about reform.
    He’s sticking to Mike’s game plan.
    BACDL’s silent.
    Finkelstein’s gone–there’s no one speaking truth to power.
    Broward will be stuck with Pryor for decades.

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