10 thoughts on “THREE-WAY!”

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      $100,000 in mailers (with him wearing his bath robe and clutching his little hammer) oughtta be more than enough for Judge Big Bucks to keep Destry in the trash heap of history.

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    This is brilliant. All these name games.

    I was thinking of running as RICHARD BRIAN-KAPLAN because we know that the middle name attached to the last name works.

    But, to make sure that I will be at the very top of the ballot I might file as RICHARD BRIAN A-HOLE-KAPLAN. Most people at the courthouse call me an “a-hole” so that’s the name I’m most known by.

    ensuring liberty and top of the ballot name game politics for all

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    Meredith for Judge- can’t even fill out financials (got a net worth) or when your so in debt your afraid to put your negative net worth. She and Odom will make a good team, we are so good at what we do that not only do we not have any money, we owe money. Can’t even manage themselves, how the hell they gonna run a docket.

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