Commutations! – as many already know, BCJ sentences set to expire in the near future are being terminated or commuted to community based sanctions. Lists have already been approved and are on dockets for release. If you’ve got a client in there with a sentence set to expire in the next few months and they haven’t been docketed already, check with your ASA …

Greg Tony respondsclick this link for responses to claims of “no confidence” currently being debated amongst some BSO employees for an upcoming vote …

Movement Michael Davis to Drug Court for Michele Towbin-Singer, who takes over Raag Singhal’s old civil division. There are rumors another criminal division judge is looking to get out, but until that’s confirmed, conventional wisdom has Davis in Drug Court …

Palm Beach races – 15th Circuit judges are also being challenged in 2020, the so-called year of the no campaigning campaigns. Two circuit judges have opponents, pictured below. We’re told a county judge will also be facing a challenger soon, but no names just yet, as we’re sworn to secrecy for the time being …

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    The gross salary of a County or Circuit Judge over the course of 6 years, including benefits, is in excess of a million dollars.


    Have you run out of criminal cases? No hearings? No new clients?
    Run for Judge
    Are you a family lawyer whose business has dried up?
    Run for Judge (The Family and Dependency Judges have raised little to nothing.)
    Civil lawyer/PI lawyer, insurance companies are not settling claims anytime soon so
    Run for Judge

    * Filing fee to run for Judge is a hair under 7k, so many of the Judges below at the moment have to self fund that amount and more if they didn’t raise money until now.
    ** Total below are net amounts reflecting cash on hand
    Bober- $3500
    Orlando- $11,500
    Bailey- $5700
    Shulman – $25000
    Henning – $3500
    Davis – $86,000
    Ledee- $114,000
    Bowman- $10,500
    Scherer – $23,350
    Dale Cohen – 0
    Siegel – 0
    Murphy – 0
    Holden $38,900
    Tarlika Navarro 190k
    Kaplan 0
    Bidwill $8400
    Tuter $6500
    Feld $31000
    Pole 90,000
    Francois $57000
    DePremo $160,0000

    So who will gamble $6k+ to campaign during a time where the incumbency means nothing? Doubtful there will be many in-person forums or public events to meet and greet candidates. Never in the history of judicial elections has the playing field been so level.

    How to rank em
    1) Gender, women still beat men more than not.
    2) Name game- Hispanic and Haitian names= vulnerable, the amount of money they have is irrelevant.
    1) How much money do they have and can they self-fund if needed?
    2) Who appointed them. Not a good time to be a Scott or DeSantis judicial appointee.
    3) Who has run and won? Novice candidates (only if they have run in the last decade) are more vulnerable.
    4) Prior scandals….adopting a kid in dependency court whose case you presided over and later the kid accused you of wrongdoing

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    Luckily Gelin’s stories about us only get in the Sun Sentinel and not the NY Times

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      Playing Judge Judy just ain’t her gig. Designer judicial robes are are frowned upon outside of Hollywood. But when you have an unequivocal desire to stand out in a herd of nitwits, it’s anything goes on the Broward bench. There’s been several examples.

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        Brenda’s choice of outfits reflect her choices and decisions she makes as clerk. Awful! Vote her out and take that band of idiots she listens to with her. The IT dept needs an overhaul too.

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            Trendsetter in how to be the most incompetent public official ever. And that’s not easy but she gets the award.

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                She can’t run a hot dog stand. She’s incompetent and listens to a small circle of People. The IT department is a joke too. Many Good people because of Brenda have left so it’s a mess. So bad we can’t wait for Howard to come to the rescue

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                      Clerk employees will form a conga line and dance through out the courthouse watching Brenda pack up and leave the building for good! January! Can’t wait!

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    Ethics violations are like a badge of honor with some of these judges. Every incumbent should get opposition. It seems the list of poorly performing Broward judges is as long as my arm.
    A lot of whacked out performances around here.

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