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    Jose, Bowman, and the rest…

    Blacks in the box need help but so do our kids.

    Protect them as they are our future.

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    Picking this fight with the gentlest and politest judge in this circus of a courthouse might be the most deranged demented, and unbalanced thing she’s done yet!

    …In a courthouse that has seen BRENDA, TOOTIE, WEEKES, SATZ, HAWKINS, IMPERATO ROSENTHAL, HOLMES, AND GARDINER, Honick has somehow managed to make a name for herself for her stupidity, incompetence, psychopathy, and manic behavior!!!

    That is no easy feat in this Zoo! Yet Honick and Stateside accomplished it!

    There are more psychotic cuckoos OUTSIDE of the asylum than inside of it, and Honick and Stateside are exhibit A. She needs a Henderson referral and some meds ASAP before she strikes again!

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        The allegations in the motion are puzzlingly and perplexing. Just like when Cynthia opens her mouth to speak. She’s the first person whom I have more difficulty understanding in person than I do over the phone. Not that she makes any sense over the phone either.

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    Let me get this straight. The defendants are supposed to reply. Meaning if only one of them wants a mistrial, all they have to say is Judge Siegel is wrong. Then poof. A do over?

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    Honick, why do you act like this? You treat defendants like crap. You only bring pain and misery to others. Maybe if you were a normal prosecutor and showed an ounce of compassion you wouldn’t be so disliked. But you lack basic human empathy. And on top of it all you’re so nasty to defense attorneys. And you’re always so shady. For what?

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    Knowing the way Broward judges circle the wagons and consider an attack on one of them is an attack on all of them, I doubt that Honick will have much of a party from here on out the next time she has a case before one of them. Personally I find nothing questionable about the way Andy responded to her from reading the transcript of the tiff that occurred between them, but Honick will probably have to be looking over her shoulder from here on out. Never had a case with her, but she sounds like this action may have a strong effect on the rest of her career here in Broward. Just my take on her attempts to make a mountain out of a mole hill.
    If she’s that sensitive, maybe she should be considering a change in professions, because the road may get rough for her from here on out. We all reap what we sow so she should start counting her seeds. She has shown a complete lack of professionalism in this latest showdown with Judge Siegel.

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    Your kids will thank me for this, and my kids will thank me for sending them to Harvard and Yale where I went.

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    How’s that southern border doing? Know anyone who died from fentanyl? How’s your tax dollars doing paying for this fiasco?

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