From TFB emails:

2022 Florida Bar Elections are underway.

Election Services Corporation (ESC) will distribute e-ballots to eligible voters today, March 1, beginning at 9:00 AM EST. The e-ballot email will come from Members who did not expressly opt in to receive an e-ballot will receive a mailed paper ballot and a courtesy e-ballot. Only the first ballot received from these members will be counted by ESC.

The e-ballot email will include the member’s voting PIN and a link to the voting website. The website will include a recovery button (see image below) for members who have trouble locating their e-ballot email.

The ballot submission deadline is 11:59 PM on Monday, March 21.

The voting website and PIN Recovery Email links are below.

Voting Website Link

PIN Recovery Link

Board Of Governors Platform Statements

Florida Bar President Platform Statements

41 thoughts on “VOTE!”

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    Billy-boy! This is so great! You are going to get your ass beat again! Complete idiot! Now we all get to relive the joy of seeing what a joke you are and how nobody takes you seriously!

  2. 17


    Billy- thanks for the reminder.

    I just voted to reelect JAY KIM !!!!

    Jay is respected, qualified and he owns more than one necktie.

    Seriously Billy- the orange necktie is starting to smell bad.

    1. 2


      Give it Hell, Bill. The Bar is a mess. We’re all with you. Unlike the rest of these morons, you’ve got the courage to take it on !

    2. 2


      Looks like a younger Yael Gamm with a set of snappers on her !
      Sounds about as dumb too.

  3. 6


    Gelin keep up the great work shining a light on all these corrupt bastards!! Voted for Bill

    1. 1


      Kim has done his thing, which is to say nothing to improve the Bar. Time for something new.

    2. 0



      You got my vote, Bill ! lol

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    Tonja Haddad Coleman, a Fort Lauderdale attorney representing all four officers who filed complaints with the EEOC, says every single one of her clients deserved to be promoted.

    “They were all more than qualified, including the straight white female,” Coleman said. “He violated state and federal law. I applaud diversity. But white people also can be discriminated against.”×748.jpg

    1. 9


      She’s a great lawyer, her Dad’s a great lawyer, and her husband was a great lawyer whose now a Judge banished to Family for daring to criticize Court Admin.

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