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Speaking of TFB officers – pictured above is the oath sworn by former president Michelle Suskauer, currently under investigation by TFB. Rumor has it she’s likely to emerge relatively unscathed, after her less than credible former client who sparked the complaint was convicted of fraud. Still, is it fair to wonder, given the portion of the sworn oath regarding Bar rules, why Suskauer would have struggled answering Jimmy Cohn’s questions regarding the rules seen in the transcript excerpt below, if she had read them thoroughly before swearing in as president? You make the call!

Jay Spechler in the news … again – as reflected in the comments section this morning, the always ready to rumble Jay is in a dispute with a neighbor over dock size. This follows the JAABLOG contretemps from 2018, which is once again newsworthy as Team Spechler is optimistic the BOG and Supreme Court will agree with their proposed consent judgement that has already been blessed by Bar Counsel. The proposed settlement is found here …

And for any of you looking to get into Bar defense work, here’s the applicable rule:

(a) Before Formal Complaint is Filed. If before a formal complaint is filed a respondent states a desire to plead guilty, bar counsel shall consult established board guidelines for discipline and confer with the designated reviewer. If bar counsel or the designated reviewer
rejects the proposed consent judgment, the matter shall not be referred to the board of governors. If bar counsel and the designated reviewer approve the proposed consent judgment, the
respondent shall be advised that bar counsel and the designated reviewer will recommend approval of the respondent’s written plea, and the matter shall be placed on the agenda of the board of governors for its review. If the board of governors concurs in the consent judgment, bar counsel shall notify the respondent and file all necessary pleadings to secure approval of the plea. If a proposed consent judgment is rejected, bar counsel shall prepare and file a complaint as provided elsewhere in these rules.

Warning! More law! – yes, you can plead no contest to a VOP Warrant with new law allegations, instead of entering an admission. It’s discretionary to the Court whether to accept the no contest plea, of course, but it’s legal. Next time you have a sympathetic but concerned judge, cite these cases:

Jefferson v. State, 830 So.2d 195, 4th DCA (2002); Horn v. State, 57 So.3d 984, 5th DCA (2011); Stewart v. State, 586 S0.2d 449, 1st DCA (1991).

Also, below is a handy-dandy sentencing flow chart prepared by Mike Usan that’s in use in the 17th, and across the state. It sure would be easier if they just gave out bench books to all lawyers upon admission to the Bar, right?

And while we’re being helpful, check out this Agreed Reset Form in use in Palm Beach, from Lenny Hanser’s assigned division:

Just get the ASA onboard, fill it out, choose a date from an approved list that the in-court clerk maintains, and quickly reset your court date, whether or not the judge is on the bench. Something every Broward judge suffering from dockets clogged with Satz penny-ante prosecutions should consider utilizing in the name of efficiency and courtesy to all litigants, and to preserve precious court time for substantive matters …

Also from Palm Beach, a Motion For Sanctions!Bill Scherer wants sanctions against Marni Bryson. See Defendant’s Motion For Sanctions Under S 57.105 And For Bad Faith

Investigation? – following the dreaded “JAABLOG REQUEST” made to the SAO on January 16th regarding the incredible disappearing/reappearing nolle prossed 1st degree felonies, we’re told Mike Satz and some of his upper level team scurried over to the BSO Public Corruption Unit, in the Public Safety Building off Broward, roughly the day after the MLK holiday. Accordingly, to confirm or debunk the rumor, the following was sent to the SAO’s PIO on January 28th:

(I)t’s my understanding Mr. Satz and others from the SAO have met with BSO’s Public Corruption Unit concerning the issues recently detailed in your last response. Is this true, and when and how many times have they met if true?

Here’s the response, from the same day:

The Broward State Attorney’s Office has no comment.

Developing? …

Gold Watch Time!Brian Reidy, seen above striking a pose made by all the uber trial warriors from the Al Schreiber era at one time or another, is out of here. Come toast his success this Friday, January 31st, 5:00 P.M., at Tap 42. Well done!

92 thoughts on “WEEKLY NOTES”

  1. 2


    “And while we’re being helpful, check out this Agreed Reset Form in use in Palm Beach, from Lenny Hanser’s assigned division:”

    Honest judge filtration apparatus?

      1. 12


        The one on the right has more oil on her face then my Chevy has in its engine. Someone should rope it off as HAS MAT.

    1. 1


      So true. God is the real problem. After all, don’t most of them wear their oaths of office; to tell the truth, the we truth; the authenticity of their PC affidavits, etc, “so help me God?”

  2. 11



        1. 1


          Chief Judge Krista Marx :
          My former co-workers and friends are will continue serving the children from the Palm Beach County School District for our wealthy clients.

          Dear Gov. DeSantis,
          Our PIU will continue to avoid complainants.
          FDLE continue to avoid the complainants.
          You’ve been had, and under-minded.

          The victims were whores.
          Get it?
          In Palm Beach County,
          Pedophilia is not a crime, its a life-style.

          We answer to a higher authority.


  3. 17


    Reidy’s wanted out of the PD for years with the way he’s been treated by Howard. Sure bitched about it enough. Glad to see you made it out alive.
    Now, get yourself a straw, a keg, and buy a place up around Disney World. There’s more to life than jail visits.

    1. 5


      Do we all have to wear shamrocks ☘️ if we attend ? Too many years of schlogging them down at Emerald Society breakfasts have left me very hesitant to hang with a bunch drunk Irishmen.

      1. 12


        congratulations Brian. U worked long, you worked hard. Now u can preach to yourself in the mirror on the days u feel like shaving and party the rest of the time.
        U deserve to shuffle your own cards now with a full deck and tell the rest of them to schlog off.

        1. 2


          Yes sir, Mr. Reidy deserves all the hoopla and more. This guy is one of the best. If you keep id’s secret one of us would love to buy you lunch after you are out.

          He was not ever afraid to stand for the most disadvantaged in Broward, and really tried his best.

          We have said that it will be a dark day when he and Hector retire.

          Best of luck sir.

          1. 2


            Wait a minute… you mean to tell me that Reidy retired BEFORE Hector??? That dude has to be in his 70s at least. How can he skirt past the mandatory retirement age, yet Reidy is forced out?

  4. 0


    By all means yes to the auto reset form so Broward misdemeanor jurists can disappear for the day before 10 instead of 11:00.

    1. 10


      Well here again we have blur double-vision.

      1. The Florida Bar is an extension of the SC.
      2. The Florida Bar is a “private” corp.

      I would guess that that your question may be answered by, switching over to #2.

      FU. Its not public record because its on private property.
      So, FO. Of course, we know whats best.

  5. 7


    From the comments: Courthouse Squabble Has Prosecutor, Asst. Public Defender Acting Like Babies.

    Frm Judge Asks For 45-Day Suspension For Anonymous “Menacing” Blog Posts.


  6. 13


    What was the reason for the falling out between Spechler and Judge Lynch after being as thick as they were for so long ?
    Didn’t Spechler have a similar toss with Judge Peggy Gehl and Chief Judge Tobin before he resigned from the bench and then filed suit to get his job back in which he failed?
    Isn’t he also involved with the Young at Art center and the scuffle with the County Commission for back rent and his wife receiving some kind of exorbitant salary?
    Maybe he should take up smoking cigarettes or something.
    Now he’s outed for involvement in some antics involving a neighbor’s boat dock ?

    1. 9


      Oh we remember everything. This blog, JAAB, had to release, only one of two times, the IP addresses to BSO for possible threats made. The IP turned out to be this former judge.
      This current city commissioner is elected and thus far game. In other words – Free Political Speach. We still tell the truth though.

      Hey Young at Arts; Paid your rent lately!

      1. 12




  7. 1


    Broward Circuit Judge John Bowman has become the first to fill a permanent appellate chair position as part of efforts to make the civil court more efficient and consistent.

    Chief Judge Jack Tuter made the appointment after state legislation increased the county court’s jurisdiction from cases with up to $30,000 in dispute, instead of $15,000 — meaning the circuit court will see an uptick in appellate cases.


    1. 1


      He is a good man. The Junior Judges Division is fortunate to be answerable to a knowledgeable man like Bowman.

      1. 8


        Are the County Judges allowed to address their superiors on The Circuit Court by first name at Judicial Meetings and official functions?

            1. 2


              There parents must still be proud of them though. Odds are the parents were worried about them having security in life and so relieved when it happened. The job does represent that much. But it must be something sad and never spoken of when they don’t get higher up the ladder. Maybe their spouses speak of it at them when fighting in serious anger as spouses will do. But not parents especially if the child was young when they got the position and there was hope of advancement to a prestigious position during the beginning years before it was precluded for whatever reason.

      2. 16


        You had better do your research on Bowman before you start showering him with too many accolades. Typical of so many Broward judges, he’s got skeletons in his closet. Check back issues of newspaper articles involving Bowman. Its all out there.

        1. 0


          Chief is a smart and intelligent leader.
          He wouldn’t put Judge Bowman in charge of the lower courts if he didn’t believe in him.
          Don’t be a hater.
          I think Judge Bowman is going to clean up the mess in County toot sweet.
          It must be unsettling to some that a decisive man like Judge Bowman is here to take action.

          1. 11


            Not very bright and lazy as they come. It’s the stake in the heart of county. Tuter must have be desperate.

              1. 6




              2. 4


                The last kid didn’t work out very well for Bowman. The allegations weren’t too cool either.
                Makes you wonder what this Broward Judge was thinking and what he’s doing on the bench period.

        2. 19


          Tutor had to do it because the civil lawyers hate Bowman because he literally refuses to try cases. He averaged only 2to 3 civil trials a year for the last decade

  8. 16


    Now maybe this housewife can get some domestic chores done. You know, like washing the laundry and mopping the bathroom floor.

  9. 10


    What experience ? Face it: Gordon Weekes is Lit’l Fink’s hand-picked stooge. If Howie weren’t so mesmerized by his own self-invented persona, he could have supported a candidate who had actual experience, but all of them left a long time ago due to what they viewed as gross mismanagement of the office and the egotistical tyrannical dwarf running it like it was a 10 minute spot on Channel 7.

  10. 7


    Gordon is going to lose big time. What he does after that is the real question. Nobody wants a do-nothing slider who doesn’t pull his own weight. The only thing he pulls down is a big salary. But, oh, yeah, Finkelstein hasn’t tried a case since when ? Try since he became Public Defender and way before that even. All the so called supervisors fall into the same category and it’s caused really low morale within the office. Lynch knows it too. The word is out. Schreiber is just helping it along.
    Great blog by the way !

  11. 4


    [DS] coup is just starting to be unraveled.
    The truth is so strong, its causing “life-long Democrats even in Broward’s very strong ( controlled group thought vacuum), to escape the mind-control.

    We lost The true Democrat’s, just after JFK was clipped.
    DNC are bad actors, and over many years voters have been lied to.

    Think for yourselves. Vote Independent…
    Anti-Antisemitism is on the rise with Democrat party,
    solely because of our votes and funding.
    Race Baiting feeds hate on both sides.

    If the voters think independently before voting, it will send shock to THE WORLD,
    (8 Million WW and Mil. are watching Broward very closely).
    Too big to divide now.
    Drain the infection. We have only (1) clear shot, the potential is voluminous.


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