“Forman doesn’t have the financial wherewithal”

*UPDATE* –  SS: Broward Clerk of Courts Brenda Forman is under criminal investigation


Brenda is in over her head, and her courtroom shenanigans against former husband Howard Forman and JAABLOG aren’t making things any better.

At issue now is Amendment 10, which puts Brenda in charge of overseeing Broward County’s finances, among other things.

According to yesterday’s Sun Sentinel Editorial:

” … (T)he amendment makes the clerk of courts the “custodian of all county funds,” work long handled by the county administrator, who reports to county commissioners. Under today’s structure, Broward boasts a AAA bond rating.

The amendment contains one important caveat, however. It says the clerk will become the custodian of county funds, unless otherwise provided by county charter or special law.

House Bill 1183 is the Broward delegation’s attempt to create that special law and keep Forman from overseeing the county’s finances. Given her lack of qualifications for the job, it is a worthy effort.”

The editorial goes on to chronicle Brenda’s credibility destroying missteps, in addition to speaking of her general lack of qualifications.  Unfortunately, the Editorial Board was likely not aware of recent Brenda v. Blog developments regarding the Miami-Dade SAO accepting an Executive Assignment concerning Broward’s Clerk of Courts, otherwise the article could have been spicier.

From an email sent last week by Paula McMahon, Broward SAO’s public information officer:

” … (O)ur office sent Gov. Ron DeSantis’s office a request for an executive assignment on your complaint. The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office accepted the executive assignment this afternoon.”

That’s all we know at this point, but will update with any developments.  Stay tuned until 2020, as it’s All About Brenda