Additional ZOOM Session Amended procedures

Sent by Andy Siegel to all circuit judges June 4th:

We are adding to the in-custody docket additional morning sessions. This will continue until the courthouse is reopened to the public and in-custody defendants are being transported to our courtrooms. A zoom link for the incusody sessions is at the end of this email.

Starting Monday June 8, 2020, the in-custody docket morning session will begin at 8:30a.m. and end around 12:00p.m. and then pick up for the afternoon session will begin at 1:30p.m.until 5:00p.m. Each of the divisions have been assigned specific days and time. (Note: because of time availability, in custody matters from other divisions may be added administratively from time to time as previously done, i.e. repeat offender, drug court, mental health court.)

On the dates and time assigned to each division, you will be responsible for setting in custody matters during your scheduled session. Both the State and defense attorneys will be directed to contact your JA to place matters on the docket. The in custody docket procedures and schedule attached will be posted on the 17th website. They will be applicable to all divisions.

Your JA must use the CMS to set the hearings. Your JA must use the applicable session assigned to your schedule and post on the division FK. This assures the Clerk’s office will be able to create a docket and BSO will receive the docket to have the defendants available.

Other out of custody matters remain the same and are scheduled using your individual assigned zoom link. if an interpreter is needed arrangements must be made in advance to assure attendance of the interpreters.

If you have any questions or scheduling issues please call my office .



NACDL Statement of Principles and Report COVID-19 (via SDFLA Blog)

21 thoughts on “Additional ZOOM Session Amended procedures”

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      Only in Broward are people so stupid they can’t read or know what day of the week equates to a numeric date on a calendar.

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      If that was true, Satz would have been gone a long time ago. Due Process and Equal Protection of law and the “Truth, the whole truth and Nothing But the truth” is NOT Satz or the SAO. He and it are perversion of it as SOP. So how are you NOT included?

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      This girl’s on drugs you have to be blind or stupid not to recognize the movement right now. This will be the same Satz office if this bozo is elected I guess she looking for civil war

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    Isn’t this ASA the same guy that had all his mommy’s drug trafficking cases nolle prossed and Satz let him get away with that to? What’s going on at that office?

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    Sheila, you are already the “Stare” Attorney. No attorney has a nastier stare or a more hostile demeanor than you! Congratulations.

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    Why is Alu campaigning for office on Jaablog during work hours? Shouldn’t someone tell Mike and Jeff?

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    The problem lies with Satz and other SA who sat back and did nothing to prosecute bad cops unless it was an election year. Not all cops are bad nor are all people charged with a crime whether black or white. You can’t take away rights from one group for another. If the Broward State Attorney isn’t going to come up with solutions to maintain law and order while treating people of color with the decency they deserve then it’s up to the community as a whole to work together to find common ground by rooting out bad cops, prosecuting them equally as anyone else who commits a crime, and honoring officers who are out there protecting the community with honor and integrity. Until we get a new State Attorney nothing will change unless we all change our hearts and love one another equally.

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