COMING SOONGuess who gets Diversion on a second degree felony Burglary Dwelling?

JAABLOG TRIVIA – Which judicial candidate running to replace Bobby Diaz on the county bench has an attorney father who once represented Diaz before the JQC? (answer pictured below) …

JQC v. Diaz Docs

33 thoughts on “ARREAZA IN / ALMEIDA OUT”

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      I guess it’s not worry free for her. Smart move to get out. No need to take baggage into the race.

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    Lest you forget, and if memory serves me correctly: Sammy Stark’s pappy James Stark represented Sleazy Diaz in his JQC debacle where he was fined 15k, suspended from the bench and required to write formal letters of apology to both offended fellow judge Lee J. Seidman and the Hispanic Bar Asso.
    So I smell more interesting goings on with Diaz backing the wrong horse originally with Almeida a fellow Hispanic and the baggage she carries with her problems with the Bar and Civil Litigation to return legal fees to a former client, and her subsequent withdrawal from the race, and the substitution of fellow snail trail Sammy Stark for Daddy’s payback for his favor to Diaz for his legal representation lo those many years ago. Moral of the story:
    Where ever, or whenever Diaz is involved, there’s drama to follow and the snail trail that he’s become notable for. And like so many of his squirrel antics, you can bet he always bets on a lame horse. Still trying to play the big man even when he’s down and out.

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      Diaz has been run against so man times, I guess he just doesn’t have it in him to hit the campaign trail anymore.

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      We are lawyers, at least some readers are. Are you really going to throw shade on a lawyer who was asked/hired to represent a client who happened to be a judge. Read the Constitution, everyone has the right to counsel of choice. If Jim Stark represented Diaz, then so what??? I understand having a problem with the judge, but are you going to bad mouth every attorney representing an unpopular client?

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    It never ceases to amaze the incestuous machinations of a bunch of money grubbing scammers looking to slide into a judicial spot in Broward. There’s plenty of examples. You can count them using both hands.

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    I’m surprised Jim didn’t file except that he must be in extended care by now. Sam doesn’t have a chance. This one belongs to Arreaza and rightfully so. He the only candidate untainted by Diaz’ stench.

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    She’s got to return all those contributions now. Wonder how that will go considering her other problems with the Bar.

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    Looks like Diaz will file his papers at the last minute and win unopposed since these phantom filers—none of whom have qualified—don’t even have a dime let alone enough to pay a $7K plus filing fee.

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