20 thoughts on “CLERMONT IN”

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    Diaz failed again to manipulate the process and in so doing flushed Ileana down the tubes. Lol

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    No one is “in” until they’ve paid the filing fee. None of these filers has paid yet. If we are here day after tomorrow in the same posture, the incumbent retains his seat unopposed. Even a monkey could have its name put in without paying, but that doesn’t make them a candidate. As an example, one candidate waited until the last minute, showed up to file and had a check for the wrong amount (off by less than one dollar rumor has it). That “in” filer was shit out of luck.

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        Clermont has an interview with the JNC for the 3d DCA on Friday. He’ll find out after the election filing deadline whether his name was sent to the Governor. Do you really think he’s going to waste over $7K to file for this seat??

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      It’s still strategically smart (sometimes) to wait until the last minute and go to the SOE in person (assuming everything is in order and ready to go).

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    He looks really bad. Its what you get for gaming the system all these years. Good to know he’s about to be forgotten.

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