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We’re told Dennis Bailey granted a mistrial in a homicide trial earlier this afternoon, after the PDO filed a motion to disqualify based on information discovered during trial that witness Mark Shotwell is working on a novel being written by Dennis.

While we’ve learned Shotwell merely reviewed parts of the book for procedural accuracy, Bailey granted the motion in an abundance of caution, after initially denying it.

JAABLOG will update if Dennis is kind enough to cough up the working title of his book the next time we see him …

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    Bailey has no concept of the proper role of a judge, and clearly has not learned from his public admonition. He needs to be gone…

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      We do too.

      We would like to talk to JAAB’s lawyers they should contact us about this issue.

      This is a fishing dragnet and unconstitutional.
      We’re not going to quote the constitution here, because every one here knows a warrant has to be very specific.

      Because some mentally ill people exist, does not excuse this encroachment of our rights.



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        We know the issue is really about the Bar and professional standards. The same applies.

        As we have stated before;

        If you want a private club, then require registration and an account & password. This blog requires none.

        The Bar may get a suit from us if they are not careful.

        ANY TAKERS?

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    That’ll sell a lot of copies ! LOL
    Anyone that lacks the ingenuity and imagination to be anything but a Broward Judge to pay the bills won’t win any prize for literary genius. Count on it. Especially this dummy.

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    It was a dull, dreary day. Rain was falling like tacks onto sheet metal, although for some reason the sound was strangely soothing on this difficult day. Our hero dabbed a thin line of sweat from his upper lip with a tissue the elderly Bailiff had handed him in a moment of kindness, while he steeled himself by privately cursing the events that had brought him to this moment…….

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    Hey Dennis, cant your campaign manager Judy Stern get her other candidate Gordon Weekes off your back?

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      It was his duty to do exactly that…. The defense attorneys found out purely by accident, when the witness mentioned it to the SA, or the trial would have gone forward with nobody knowing. Shameful ! Fair trial not !!! The DQ was “out of an abundance of caution” ? Seriously! This guy has no clue But it was also his duty not to carry on like a lunatic during the Espejo trial in the presence of the jury and then refuse to disqualify himself. He was an asshole as a “litigator” and is an asshole now, with no comprehension of his duty.

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    After a quick and cursory look at The Florida Code of Judicial Conduct you, the reader, may well see several issues that may well affect Judge Bailey’s fitness to remain on the Bench:

    -A Judge Shall Regulate Extrajudicial Activities to Minimize the Risk of Conflict with Judicial Duties.

    – A judge shall not disclose or use, for any purpose unrelated to judicial duties, nonpublic information acquired in a judicial capacity.

    -If a judge knows that he has an economic interest in the subject matter in controversy or in a party to the proceeding or has any other more than de minimis interest that could be substantially affected by the proceeding

    – A judge must not independently investigate facts in a case and must consider only the evidence presented. A judge may request a party to submit proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law, so long as the other parties are apprised of the request and are given an opportunity to respond to the proposed findings and conclusions.

    -A judge should disclose on the record information that the judge believes the parties or their lawyers might consider relevant to the question of disqualification, even if the judge believes there is no real basis for disqualification.

    -Financial Activities. (1) A judge shall not engage in financial and business dealings that (a) may reasonably be perceived to exploit the judge’s judicial position, or (b) involve the judge in frequent transactions or continuing business relationships with those lawyers or other persons likely to come before the court on which the judge serves.

    Do you see that is a lot right there for a JQC complaint and investigation?

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      Yeah, most politicians wait until they are out of office to publish a book.
      Even then we would wonder if any decisions he made while on the bench were made solely with the intention of affecting the outcome of the book.

      Hard to believe he did “no work” on the book on the public dime.

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      since when was probable cause or even indisputable proof a valid reason for the JQC to investigate when it doesn’t feel like it?

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    I’m not betting on a best seller. I’m more interested in how much money this escapade has cost taxpayers? Not to mention the inconvenience to the jurors.
    Why is it always Judges here in Broward ?

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    I’d say the ASA deserves credit on this one.

    Back in the day they never would have disclosed it.

    They’d be too busy listening in on recorded attorney/client jail calls for one thing.

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    Smug little twerps always think they can do no wrong. Apparently this twerp mades it a habit. And after getting smacked so recently!

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      When you can’t tell right from wrong, you don’t know when you’re doing wrong …. an excellent skill set for a BROWARD Judge.

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    Sloppy. Really damn sloppy. Is this the best the Broward Judiciary can do? What now, transfer to another division?

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    The book is actually already out it’s titled “A Judge’s Journey”. The summary on Amazon reads:

    “Follow one judge’s true life judicial journey as he fights for justice and faces the pressures of prosecuting from the bench in the criminal justice system. From attorneys arguing at sidebar, service dogs strolling through the courtroom, a looming desire for fried chicken, a mean supreme court, and an even harsher courthouse blog, you will experience Judge Baileys life as he fends off the forces of the JQC, and the criminal defense bar.”

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    -The Biography of a Mahogany Stazi-

    This particular Mahogany Stazi signed off on a bench warrant with claims that a defendant (Epstein Whistle Blower), failed to appear.

    There’s only one problem. The defendant was never served.
    8 heavily armed fugitive task force deputies responded by man handled all persons at a location, including a female, arrested the targeted defendant, and processed the the newly “created” defendant, just to ROR without a judge.

    There’s only three (3) possibilities.
    1. Howard University taught hr to get whitey.
    2. She’s doing her ex boss Barry Krischer’s bidding for Epstein.
    3. Both………………….

    I don’t think terrorizing the public to cover for pedo’s will help 15th. SA Aaronberg with his bid for congress.

    Please discuss….

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      Tyrant’s come in all color’s and size.
      Real eyes realize real lies from the corrupted judicial ties.

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      P.B.S.O. and Arronberg created The 15th Circuits Newspeak, a controlled language of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, meant to limit the freedom of thought — personal identity, self-expression, free will — that threatens the ideology of the régime of Th Florida Bar, and the Party, who have criminalized such concepts into thought crime, as contradictions of 15 Circuits orthodoxy.

      15th. SA Aaronberg stopped corruption y simply changing the Public “Corruption” Unit, to The Public “Integrity” Unit.

      Judge Sheree Davis Cunningham is just a rubber stamp of terror, and therefore a tyrannical fraud.

      POOF! Like Magic.

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