Imagine if you will:

A dimension where the chief justice of the Supreme Court is the strongest of proponents for free political speech …

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… living in a world where his underling Bar prosecutors and attorney  grievance committee members swore an oath of admission to uphold the aforementioned constitutional free speech rights, and to maintain respect due to courts and judicial officers by reporting on bad actors who disgrace both the courts they serve and their honorable colleagues …

… but curiously part of a universe where the same Bar continues to attack a whistleblower on behalf of a complainant and constitutional officer currently under criminal investigation for alleged dishonesty in Bar and court filings, who has already been found to have acted dishonestly in other proceedings by a circuit court judge …

… comprising a society where the same Bar may somehow believe reporting on the controversial actions and investigation of said constitutional officer doesn’t serve a “legitimate purpose” …

… part and parcel of a civilization where there’s confusion regarding the most basic of protections, when there really shouldn’t be …

… dominated by a culture where the same Bar is seeking identifying IP address information of constitutionally protected anonymous individuals, when there is no certainty they’re all even attorneys governed by the Bar’s jurisdiction …

… living in a  land now so foreign that the sacred principle of stare decisis has been thrown into question …

 (the last image is from the Bobby Diaz photography case)

… on a troubled planet where front page controversial news about the same Bar is purposely kept off their own informational page for dues paying members and the general public, because they “don’t include stories on pending cases and litigation“.

… with a long standing social order wherein the Bar’s ideals espousing motto is seemingly more akin to an agenda, as evidenced by the fact they certainly didn’t refer their discredited complainant to the State Attorney after damning video evidence was uncovered (JAABLOG had to both obtain the video and make the referral, in the interest of justice), making it now more than fair to question whether the Bar’s pursuit of “professionalism” requires ethical and moral underpinnings as a starting point …

So beware, what you are about to watch is a nightmare … something found only in The Florida Bar Zone!

COMING SOONSatz: In or Out?  (Our money is on out! ); Who is Brenda’s ghost writer?

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    If Brenda Forman has indeed a ghost writer, then he or she is without much doubt in my mind, as stupid as she is.
    I suspect, if there is somebody writing for her, it may very well be a certain judge bearing a grudge against Mr. Gelin in flagrant disregard for the right of free speech.
    Its not the first time its happened, but the writer needs to learn how to spell and construct sentences before making a fool of themselves.
    It further just goes to show you the quality of judges we have in this one horse town !

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        But first you need to get the victim/client comfortable with small talk.

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              After stalking your client, call the police and report posters, but tell them you’re client is stalking.

              Then they will make the client waive The 1st., of else spend the rest of their lives in jail.
              Thank you Judge Marx.
              Thank you Florida Bar! 🙂

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                To fool your client, mention the JQC but do nothing.

                Don’t worry about Judge Canady.
                Its just optics.

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                  Perhaps Judge Canady can explain how Judge Howard Coates can accept a forged police document , not on records with any police department as a DV restraining for court contractor Kristin Tolbert.

                  I would also like to know why Judge Howard Coates “created” a restraining order for me, when I never asked for one, nor was told anything about it.

                  Further, I wish I knew why an email that I’d request sent to me, was pawned off as an email to Kristin Tolbert.

                  How and why was court contractor Kristin Tolbert allowed to counterfed a police report , and stamp seal from a court clerk as authentic, with accusations written in “by the clerk of court”, not Kristin Tolbert.

                  I’m a witness, but for the respondent.
                  I never asked, requested, appeared, and yet, it was an email sent to me, and Judge Howard Coates intentionally mislabeled the email, and effectively manufactured a hearing that did not exist.

                  I guess my question to Judge Canady is how is it, that a sitting judge could be so blatant, without any fear of repercussions.?

                  What is the JQC not doing, that it should be?
                  Where’s Judge Howard Coates “Green Light” coming from?

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        The Florida Bar is advising Abuse of Processes under DV.
        -The Rule of Law does not Apply to The Change Agents at The Florida Bar.

        -The Rule of Law does not Apply to Pay for Play teams.

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    I miss the hazy lazy days when the Florida Bar News letters section (wasn’t there an article too?) concerned bringing furry friends to the office. Lawyers, you know I love ’em!

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    I read his article.

    “This right to speak freely is at the very core of what we, as Americans, have understood what it means to live as free people,” Canady said.

    He quoted Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis from a decision in Whitney v. California 1927. Free speech, he said, is “indispensable to the discovery and spread of political truth.”

    “Without free speech and assembly, discussion would be futile,” Brandeis wrote in his legal opinion. “With them, discussion affords ordinarily adequate protection against the dissemination of noxious doctrine; that the greatest menace to freedom is an inert people.”

    Canady said those among the silencers today could end up being among the silenced tomorrow, and he said the nation needs to do a better job in educating all people on the meaning and importance of the First Amendment, and the protections it gives to free speech and a free press.

    “Somewhere in the past, my generation has not done the job we needed to do in educating future generations,” he said, referring to the survey results.

    “If large numbers of people are interested in freedom of speech, there will be freedom of speech, even if the law forbids it,” Canady said, quoting Orwell. “If public opinion is sluggish, inconvenient minorities will be persecuted, even if laws exist to protect them.”

    I like him more than the Clerk of Courts.

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    Is it safe to say Bar is sending subpoenas without knowing the law? Ip’s = speech.

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      That’s because they honor “feelings” in stead of the rule of law.
      The IP search was a mistake made in panic.
      The Bar would put a happy face on the Holocaust if Hitler was a “pay for play” Bar Member. Same is true for The JQC.

      Both are frauds..

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    Is it safe to say the public gets what it pays for with TFB, same as Judges? Like who would work for that kind of dough?

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        No No! We need to Teresa to shut down JAAB too.
        Vote for Teresa.

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          I found some more Teresa votes in the broom closet.
          But she was just to corrupt, even for me to place.

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    How did Judge Howard Coates allow court contractor Kristin Tolbert to mimic a calculated process denying the respondent the basic Due Processes?

    The 12.980t form….. Clerks around the state of Florida have been trained to “float” fake reports through the clerk of courts, into DV where there is “no jury”.
    Just a woefully corrupted Judge Howard Coates.

    Why would a court contractor have the need to scribble out a header on a police “form”, and tell responding officers “not to make contact with the respondent?

    1. 6


      Coates is cozy with contractors.
      Not the voters as he lost every run.
      “Always Appointed.
      Now seeks a higher bench. We’re all in trouble.

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    This will make our lives easier.

    Florida Appellate Court Limits Obligations of Third Parties to Preserve Evidence

    In a recent decision, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals may have provided an answer. On April 26, the appellate court held that Florida law does not “impose a duty on non-parties to litigation to preserve evidence based solely on the foresee-ability of litigation.

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    “The Florida Bar’s trans-formations that have already taken place go too deep to be reversible.
    The energies that have been liberated, or which are ίη the course οf liberation, are not such as can be reconfined within the structures οί yesterday’s world.

    The very fact that attempts at reaction have referred to those structures alone, which are void οί any superior legitimacy, has made the subversive forces all the more vigorous and aggressive. Ιη the second place, such a path would lead to a compromise that would be inadmissible as an ideal, and perilous as a tactic.”

    Traditional values ίη the sense that Ι understand them are not bourgeois values, but the very antithesis οf them.
    Thus to recognize any validity ίη those survivals, to associate them ίη any way with traditional values, and to validate them with the latter with the intentions already described, would be either to demonstrate a feeble grasp οf the traditional values themselves, or else to diminish them and drag them down to a deplorable and risky form οί compromise.

    Ι say “risky” because however one attaches the traditional ideas to the residual forms οί Bar membership, , one exposes them to the attack-in some respects inevitable, legitimate, and necessary-cur-rently mounted against that Bar membership.

    One is therefore obliged to turn to the opposite solution, even ίί things thereby become still more difficult and one runs into another type οf risk. It is good to sever every link with all that which is destined sooner or later to collapse. The problem will then be to maintain one’s essential direction without leaning οη any given or transmitted form, including forms that are authentically traditional but belong to past history.

    Ιη this respect, continuity can οηly be maintained οη an essential plane, so to speak, as an inner orientation οί being, beside the greatest possible external liberty of Qanon.

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      I am Black, I have a Vagina, and I’m Over-Weight.
      I’m The Florida Bar’s Triple Crown Victim To Shut Down Speech

      If you don’t agree that I’m right, and Foreman and Gelin is wrong, it’s because you are a gender bia’s, fat shamming, racist.
      The Florida Bar’s spokes person and Attorney Trigglypuff puts it best.

      1. 4


        Attorney Trigglypuff for Bar President 2019-2020.
        Lets get that petition going.

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    Have you ever seen so many dogs in one place? This is more reminiscent of Broward judges. It’s becoming systemic.

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    No. Just Palm Beach and Broward.
    The immigration scare was just meant for Palm Bach and Broward. (not Dade). Why?
    Its so bad, w have to look toward Dade for integrity.

    If not connected to a pay for play team, you’ll be left with honest lawyers, who need to walk on egg shells out of fear of retaliation for truth telling in a 15th. Circuit court.
    Hire a lawyer from Martin County.
    They still do what lawyers are supposed to do, but, they are not pay for play.

    You’ll get great representation but no defense, because the defense would include accusations that may embarrass the self-proclaimed beautiful lawyers, of the demonic Florida Bar’s “inner-circles”. (and a nefarious Bar complaint will follow focusing on some mundane issue as pay back for honesty and oath following.

    This is bigger than you know. Soon.

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    Broward’s got a double dose of it ! Make them accountable. Make them answerable. Spill the beens to clear the field for more responsible people to clean up the rancid mess that is Broward County. Haven’t we seen enough already ?

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    Sounds easy. But not so much.
    Its politics, entrenched in a cult.
    The only way to save our solo practitioners is to make the public aware, of this (Public Safety Issue).

    The Florida Bar gives Florida lawyers a bad name. [Inversion].
    The Public can save the Lawyers from this 3rd party Abuses of Processes.

    When exactly did The People of Florida ratify the complete control of our system by a [private org.]?
    Are w a nation of laws, or a Kingdom?
    The mere assumption that they hold any power as an
    “extension” of the SC, is a myth only a member needs to uphold.

    Whoever thought up the Bar was a control freak looking to curb our freedom, by silencing our reps.
    That’s not exactly a fair market view from a [private corp.}, who’s a self-proclaimed private org., and that by design abridges Federally Protected Rights. at its core.
    The inner circles took pages from history.

    Saving the public will require saving the solo practitioners.
    Save Pvt. Gelin.
    He can usher the Florida Bar into cleaner hands.
    Other societies have proven restorations are doable.

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    The Florida Bar’s Education System and Legal Aid’s Agenda.

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