Text message from Gordon Weekes at 1:11 PM today, correcting the PDO’s position last week that no Brady had been received concerning Detective Moretti:

What does it mean regarding any other case where Brady wasn’t sent, in light of the SAO’s position that it may not meet the statutory definition of Brady?

Wait and see …

SAO email from 10/4/23

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    overheard in veterans court today, covered by judge tuter:
    tuter: are you a veteran sir?
    def: (duh)
    tuter: alright sir, you better find a job sir, there’s a lot of them out there.

    way to support our veterans Toots. “go find a job.” nevermind the mental health and substance abuse issues at play….

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      Judge Tuter likes to emblazon his name on things.

      He should read about Mr. Feeney and take a cue.

      I think it’s a terrible thing what he did to agree to put his name on that courtroom while he was still working.

      It’s a slap to all the other Judges, and other Chiefs like Peter who achieved a lot more in their lives and careers.

      Look at Mr. Feeney.

      But his name appeared on none of the 1,000 buildings on five continents that he gave $2.7 billion to fund. Grants to institutions and individuals were paid by cashier’s checks to conceal the source. Beneficiaries were told that the money came from a generous “client” who wished to remain anonymous. Those who learned his identity were told not to reveal his involvement.

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        It’s not fair comparing a man who made himself a billionaire and world leader to any pensioner toiling in the Broward courts.

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      If the man is a Veteran, all he has to do is go to the VA , there is every type of medical help available to him for free. Trust me I know, I’m a vet.

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        The arrogance that Tuter showed to a veteran in his smug language tells the true story. There is no place for it in the administration of justice. Tuter has repeatedly showed how not only is he an inept administrator but a total arrogant fool.

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    Yeah right. Prove it. Weeks covering for Pryor at the expense of his clients. No big surprise there.

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    PD and SA have their complexion as their protection. It covers all incompetence and questions thereof.
    If you question, you are a RACIST!!!!!!!
    Hush Hush, Mush Mush.
    Credit to Curtis Sliwa.

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    Truth: there were no Brady notices sent to anyone re: Moretti let alone given to the PD office. Don’t these idiots realize the cover up is so much worse? Why do people keep making the same mistakes over and over? Stupid is my only guess!

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      Lack of accountability is the reason. Seldom if ever are even fully verified complaints investigated and prosecuted.

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    It literally takes one whistleblowing PD to look at their cases and see if a Brady notice was sent to the PDs on Moretti.

    Did you hear that, PDs??? Whistleblower. You’d have protection.
    Look at your cases. Have moretti on a case? Check to see if a Brady notice was sent. And WHEN. Show us a screen shot. Something tells me Weekes is covering for HP.

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    This is no laughing matter. The state is charged with the most powerful decision of asking for death and they have abused and disgraced their duties. The entire administration should be disbarred and Bradley will be investigated by the FBI not some corrupt local agency. That is a fact. It’s on its way .

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    Playing hide the ball is a regular occurrence. Why should they play by the rules when the only consideration is winning above all instead of seeking Justice?

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    professional frauds in the SAO are experts of back-dating, creating and fabricating their own exculpatory evidence while using the same process to create and fabricate evidence against any defendant, alter court records and documents, etc.

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    The veterans administration is requesting 325 billion $ for 2024 budget. END of discussion and criticism. Are you kidding me?

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    So no proof Gordo. Cause that was just another layer of the coverup. You are equally as corrupt as Pryor. No integrity.

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    Funniest thing to watch is that bizarre Bradley walking around without a care in the world. What is she so happy about. She and Moretti chose their asses over justice for the victims in this case. And Pryer is as dirty as she is letting the charade continue. Dirty filthy Asa’s, doing their dirty filthy deeds. Appalling to witness.

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    When is the Clerk going to condemn Hamas and stand with Israel? We know she hates Jews (and white people), but here’s a good opportunity to prove everyone wrong. What say you bitch?

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    The government better be funding our military with every available dime they can spare. Thanks to Feeble Joe this country is at the weakest point it has ever been. If all these illegals are being spread out over our country for a reason, one day don’t be surprised if we see another 911.

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