Jay Kim’s campaigning paid off. He beat me fair and square.

Maybe only writing a blog post or two, and a platform statement published statewide in the Florida Bar News (FBN), isn’t the best way to run a local campaign. But at least it was enough to make Jay earn it, instead of gliding in unopposed.

In any event, a sincere thank you to everyone who supported me. It’s an honor to receive your vote. And maybe after another few years of FBN platform statements addressing the plague of institutionalized racism in the criminal justice system, and continued blogging, we’ll win this thing together and force some real change.

Bill Gelin

COMING SOONBill Gelin platform statements 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 …

Fun With PRR’s (9/20)


Meet incoming TFB President Scott Westheimer:

30 thoughts on “CRUSHED!”

  1. 21


    Last time you got 34%.
    This year, you got 26%

    Real question, who are the 551 idiots that voted for you?

    1. 5


      I’m more popular than Bill.

      Here are the true votes

      Jay Kim 74%
      Orange Tie 17%
      Bill Gelin 9%

      1. 5


        Orange tie. Orange tie for Glumpkin!

        Nothing would honor the memory of Horace Glumpkin more then giving the award to the orange tie.

  2. 0


    Mr. Kim was sending me emails from Miami lawyers. He must’ve been worried about something.

    1. 12


      The last thing most lawyers want is accountability, so the last thing they want is Gelin trying to effect it. Since the Fla. Bar has no constitutional oversight accountability to anything but itself, it will remain untrustworthy, as is the entire judiciary.

  3. 12


    Tania Maria Williams from Miami

    Can anyone confirm that Judge Rebollo is fully vested in DROP? I hear he is playing possum holding his spot for one of his friends to slide in at last minute without an opponent

    1. 8


      Yes, it is true.

      So if someone wants to be a Circuit judge, just file against Rebollo,

      1. 1


        check with personnel he may have already submitted his retirement papers, drop is vested

      2. 17


        Do not let McCarthy and Rebollo give there seats away, 2 open seats, don’t let this opportunity pass

  4. 2


    Great party – every year – back in the day. R.I.P. my brothers.

  5. 3


    A loser ran against him and lost remember, that’s how he won and is called Circuit Court Judge!!!!

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