The JNC short list for the open county & circuit seats should be available tomorrow.

There’s been a delay in getting the FDLE criminal background checks from Tallahassee, but we’re told the issues should be resolved Friday.

In the meantime, click the following link to spy on your favorite elected officials net worths, and stay mindful of grossly exaggerated home values …


Form 6 Example – Brenda Forman

Who Must File Form 6:

All persons holding the following positions: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Cabinet members, members of the Legislature, State Attorneys, Public Defenders, Clerks of Circuit Courts, Sheriffs, Tax Collectors, Property Appraisers, Supervisors of Elections, County Commissioners, elected Superintendents of Schools, members of District School Boards, Mayor and members of the Jacksonville City Council, Judges of Compensation Claims; the Duval County Superintendent of Schools, and members of the Florida Housing Finance Corporation Board, each expressway authority, transportation authority (except the Jacksonville Transportation Authority), bridge authority, toll authority, or expressway agency created pursuant to Chapter 348 or 343, F.S., or any other general law, mayors, elected members of the governing body of a municipality, each member of the Commission on Ethics and judges, as required by Canon 6, Code of Judicial Conduct.

12 thoughts on “FUN IN THE SUNSHINE …”

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    Where’s her house? Doesn’t Brenda have a house in Alabama? Plus in Florida? She has a school loan for a degree she never got. Did she even graduate high school?

      1. 8


        She’s sketchy and quiet about that. She has a school loan that she stopped paying on they garnished her wages awhile back. Rumor is she stopped again but for a fact she was garnished a few years back. That garnishment went all over the courthouse too until it went to clerks office. She’s such a liar.

    1. 6


      Diaz everyone knows she thinks she can run the clerks office. She can’t. She’s nothing more than the clerk historian been there since forever. She’s now the yes man for Brenda. Head flunkie.

  2. 0


    Brenda so broke but Nina so damn rich. I think dat latex wearing, chocolate pussy pop lover need dat white privilege da white bitch got. Why B got Coach and da white bitch got Chanel?

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