Happy New Year to all.

During the break, The Florida Bar News announced only three contested Board of Governors (BOG) races statewide this year, to be held in March.  One is in Miami, and two are in Broward. 

In the 17th, Christina McKinnon is taking on Hilary Creary, and I am up against Jay Kim, of Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP.  Click the link above for specifics on election procedures.

Candidate platform statements were due yesterday, for publication later in the month online and in print.  My statement is below.  

Additionally, I have challenged Jay to a debate concerning qualifications and the critical issues facing The Florida Bar (TFB) today, and personally assured him of equal time for anything professionally written he may wish to post here on JAABLOG.  However, as noted in the platform statement, Jay doesn’t return my emails.  I had also emailed his partner, Robert Vaughn, in his capacity as incoming president of the Broward County Bar Association (BCBA), to see if he could help arrange a debate in the event Jay rises to the challenge.  Robert promptly replied that he would forward my request to his colleagues on the BCBA Executive Committee for consideration and discussion, so let’s hope Jay doesn’t run from this important dialogue.

In the meantime, please take the time to read my statement, and do contact me with any questions, concerns, or insights to help me win.  I know there are an awful lot of people out there who also feel TFB needs a change of course, and together we can make a difference.

Bill Gelin


My name is Bill Gelin, and I am running against Jay Kim for BOG in Broward. I graduated UC Berkeley, and Stanford Law School.

I am known as an aggressive criminal defense attorney after daily courtroom appearances over eighteen-plus years, and for my role as principal author of the courthouse blog, JAABLOG.

My work on “the blog” has led to a large body of local, national, and international news stories over fourteen years, and helped to root-out corruption. However, I am most proud of starting the public dialogue in Broward for criminal justice reform and diversity on the bench more than a decade before they became fashionable topics. For my service, I was named Broward-Palm Beach “Best Lawyer” and “Best Gadfly,” and JAABLOG “Best Blog” by local media. Despite helping to usher in needed reforms, TFB has never been a fan, and has pursued numerous unfounded, anti-free speech/reform-chilling complaints, for which probable cause has never been found.

Why run?

Because I believe in offering and working towards solutions, instead of simply pointing out flaws.

This is a critical time for TFB. Former president Michelle Suskauer is under investigation for serious ethics allegations discovered by a federal judge, and a Miami judge recently wrote a report that reads like an indictment of TFB’s disciplinary arm. Taken together with ongoing repressive Bar actions against critical free speech, I believe an independent audit of Bar practices is necessary to ensure the public is properly protected and reassured.

Enhancement of a disciplinary process viewed as inefficient, anti-due process, and sometimes politically manipulated both offensively and defensively, is not the only area of concern. Professionalism and civility must be addressed, namely combatting institutional racism via TFB’s educational and legislative advocacy functions. There is nothing more unprofessional and uncivilized than disparate systemic impacts upon minorities, and TFB should be exercising more leadership. If elected, lip service to ideals of behavior will not be espoused, but rather inconvenient truths stated and countered.

Why run against Jay Kim?

I don’t think he’s accomplished much on the BOG, and besides not adequately addressing the issues above, he voted to terminate a judicial professionalism feedback program, instead of working to fix it.

I also disagree with his mentoring position, stating for YLD consumption “your client is generally not worth a bad personal relationship with your opposing counsel.” The public distrusts the legal profession because it’s perceived as self-serving; I will work to educate everyone that clients are always paramount.

Lastly, I emailed Jay before and after announcing, with no response. Professionalism requires more, and I will faithfully communicate with all.

As a busy sole practitioner, I am sensitive to the needs of running a business. I will be there for lawyers interested in solving personal issues, as well as addressing “macro” problems. Transparency is key, and in the changing technological legal landscape of which we all are part, I will seek your input to help shape the future practice of law to both benefit hard-working attorneys and protect the public.

(Disclaimer/Unsolicited Mass Communications – anyone subscribed to JAABLOG not wishing to receive blogs regarding Bill Gelin’s candidacy for BOG Seat 17/1 of the Florida Bar should immediately UNSUBSCRIBE to JAABLOG)


Bill Gelin for BOG! (August ’19)

An Introduction (April ’19)

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    Bill, you are awesome. I hope you make it–the Florida Bar needs lawyers like you. You have my vote until the end.

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    so, tell me, Bill, I have it on very good authority that people calling your office for support, to support and help, contribute to the issues elaborated, provide evidence of corruption that has already been “rooted out,” and to propose solutions to the “macro problems” etc, that would also sound like a criminal indictment, you don’t return calls either to even open a dialog or find out. Is this the kind of “transparent” reciprocity you complain about, that you intend to and will continue to provide on the BOG if elected that you do as a “legal businessman-lawyer” in Your vision of protecting the “public” and the “hard-working attorneys” that work harder at finding ways to torpedo their clients? Will you be “transparent” in Your answer, Mr. Bill?

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    You’ve got my support, Bill. Nobody has any respect for these politically motivated Bar Barfbags!

    1. 7


      We do.
      The Florida Bar Protects Our Child Trafficking.
      The Florida Bar shielded me and our trafficking program from complaints in 2005-2006.

    2. 5


      Dear Mr. Gelin,

      Everyone I know backs you.

      Thank you.

    1. 4


      Yes. But with negatives there’s “always conserved energy.
      The riches come with the expenses.

      Follow the money, and slay the beast with those who are paying.
      Offer up some Trawick’s born literature’s.
      And remember, Non Bar members can’t lose a De Facto Licence.
      We need more court house radio clowns.

      Who handles gov. waste assessments for the state of Florida ?

      What does the duties does the SA’s intake perform?

      Can the results of the efforts. including the use of possible political terror, become understandable in terms of waste and fraud be found using simple arithmetic?

      No need for the Bar. We have a fresh E.O.
      Who handles gov. waste assessments for the state of Florida ?

      Please feel free to discuss.

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    Conway was not invited and hung up on by the President of the group when he tried to confirm his attendance at the debate

    1. 31


      If that be the case, I’m sure Conway who is the best candidate for PD without all the useless baggage that Lynch and Weekes would bring to the office, will have no trouble addressing the NAACP when the time comes.
      That’s the problem with these politically motivated organizations who have never had the aim of choosing the best candidate for the job on their radar. And Broward is amongst the worst for this pathetic backslapping routine.
      You can bet Weekes won’t whimp out on this one although he still won’t be able to debate Lynch satisfactorily.

    2. 15


      Race Baits push’s the white vote away from all Blacks.
      Patriots have no color. Conway already knows this.

    1. 6


      Lol ! For Broward Judges, keeping it in the family is a family tradition… Its sort of like winning a trifecta.

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    Ignore the awkward and uncomfortable look on this child’s face because I always believed in Criminal Justice Reform too

      1. 8


        Actually, just the opposite.
        Also note. 80+ % of the Broward Jewish vote, backed Obama who was born in Kenya.

    1. 4



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      Im sure they were just mistaken by calling him a Former Prosecutor cause it didn’t take him long to get back at the State trough. What they really meant to say is a Ton of BS with his Pet Sidekick whose had his own recent problems as a Broward Judge appearing before the Supreme Court for a Judicial Reprimand.
      Thank goodness for Martin Luther…

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    I miss you guys so mu….oh forget it I can’t get through half a sentence of that nonsense before busting out laughing

  7. 31


    I may lose my trial but maybe I’ll end up with an old man who makes a very nice living

  8. 19



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    TFB is in great need of reform. It has degenerated into an enforcement arm of political forces that have betrayed its real purpose.
    I encourage you Mar. Gelin for looking the beast in the face and calling a spade, a spade and taking on these pretenders.
    You can count on my support. I wish you success in your endeavor.

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    I don’t remember a truly focused, meaningful and well intended attempt for positive reform at TFB has ever been tried before for this position. You’re a trailblazer.
    What can we as a group do to get the message across?

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    Best of luck, Bill. The Bar needs someone like you that isn’t afraid to tackle the issues.

  12. 5


    They’re likely to change the rules or do something dastardly if he gathers the votes to win.

    1. 10


      You’re right.
      The Bar’s intake always seem to play Three Card Monty with rules, is certainly detrimental to its members, and ultimately, the public.

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    Don’t worry if I was going to give you a neck massage I’d have both of my hands up

  14. 9


    Look Brenda you can tell from the ketchup stains and the grease smell that this is one of the uncounted ballots found in the kitchen at Checkers

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      How do you know it’s Feb. 13th?
      I looked through the published files on the FSC website and do not see any date for a hearing.

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    If I get my hands on the cosmetologist that overapplied this lipstick for my photo shoot I’m going to hit them with this little hammer

  16. 21


    Gosh I hope this Reprimand doesn’t give some lawyer the idea to run against me

    1. 3


      We knowingly forge official police reports not on file anywhere’s, and on file with only us.

      Judge Howard Coates embarrasses paid court contractors, and commits frauds upon his own court, using witnesses not in court, and who never knew a proceeding existed.

  17. 13


    We’ve been pumping children out from The Palm Bach County School District for years.

    1. 7


      Members In Good Standing By The JQC and Florida Bar.

      To have a wll rounded cover-up,
      A good member needs to forge official documents using a state seal, not on file the document with any agency.
      We have court contractors on call who are beholden to the courts via, appointments.

      If it takes a village to raise a child, it certainly takes a corrupted judicial community to cover up child trafficking.

      Sharon Bock

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    I’m back…..

    All of you don’t fear
    Booger Boy is here

    Don’t be a hater
    I’ll save my snot for later

    I’ll wipe it on my tie
    And wait til it’s dry

    For when I get home
    I’ll eat it all alone

    I won’t disappoint
    Here’s my case in point

    Bigger Boy is here
    The snot musketeer

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    Gelin :

    “Why run against Jay Kim”?

    “I don’t think he’s accomplished much on the BOG, and besides not adequately addressing the issues above, he voted to terminate a judicial professionalism feedback program, instead of working to fix it”.

    The “Why”, is always the most interesting part.

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    An Opinion:

    Why Gelin for BOG of FL Bar 17 ?

    Because those who cry “appease-appease”, are hung by those who said they’d please.

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