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    Does this mean some Broward Judge is going to have to get out of bed and actually do some work ?

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    This makes no sense. Who decides who is special enough for a special docket? Is it a jail Covid special docket? Why is BSO in charge? They arrest everyone, they supervise the jails and and everyone on pretrial. So then they violate them and want them thrown in jail and now they want them out? What if the judges don’t want to let them out? What if they can’t afford a bond? What if they get even more conditions and still don’t comply – they will just violate them again and they’re right back in jail anyway.

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    “All judges shall give top priority to public safety concerns when determining release conditions…” – STOP right there. No. That’s not how it works! They must determine release conditions in accordance with Rule 3.131 and f.s. 903.046 and 907.041 and above all THE CONSTITUTION! You can’t legislate by administrative order gtfo

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    Covid is blowing up in the jails and the ACLU is up my ass, so get anyone with pre-existing conditions on a “special docket” to make it look like we’re doing something.

    What a joke. Totally silent about judges who don’t use zoom and zip about multiple packed courtrooms. It’s disgusting.

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    If the Chief Judge calls one more time about those damned shoes it’ll be a Sergeant calling back instead of a Lieutenant

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    I hate to say but a strong Chief like Ross or Tobin is needed.

    This is a time for decisive action instead of consensus building.

    People are suffering.

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    What is the timeline here? Are they going to just sit around and decide who will be on this “selection committee” and then determine criteria and then begin evaluating potential defendants?!

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    I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous. Just another lame excuse to waste more time when the judges around here aren’t doing anything.

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