There’s nothing like a knockdown, drag-out, First Amendment brawl with Brenda’s Bar to reinvigorate the old blogging juices.  If you’ll just be a little more patient, the latest Brenda v. Blog story should break soon in the mainstream press.

In the meantime, take a look at former North Miami Beach mayor Myron Rosner and his service dog Winter.  Rosner, a paraplegic who requires Winter’s help to aid his sense of smell in addition to other service dog functions, was in court last week with his attorney, Tom Morse, and Dennis Bailey. The hearing was some sort of status hearing for Rosner’s upcoming trial, being heard in Broward after an executive assignment.  Apparently, Bailey lit into Rosner as to the necessity of having the dog in court, with witnesses telling us the judge was concerned Winter was along as a sympathy ploy.  It was an uncomfortable interaction according to those we spoke to, and all in advance of Dennis’ scheduled public reprimand before the Supreme Court at 9:00 a.m., Wedneday (sic), June 5, 2019 for the reasons spelled out in the also troubling Inquiry Concerning Judge Dennis Daniel Bailey.  In any event, we’re told the transcript will be made available any day now, so everyone will be able to judge for themselves who was in the right, or just plain wrong …

In other Bailey news, Tim Bailey made a headline or two at the end of April, although it’s not clear from the coverage or this memo by Miami Public Corruption ASA Kerrie Crockett as to whether or not it was really Tim that stopped the alleged victim from being able to travel south of the border to testify against the former cop accused of assaulting him.  The case was eventually forced to be dropped for lack of evidence.  For our part, we’ll be sure to ask Crockett exactly what happened, seeing as how we’ll be meeting with her shortly in her capacity as the assigned prosecutor charged with investigating Brenda’s veracity under oath associated with Brenda v. Blog and other issues.  It is indeed a small, small county, so drop us a line or call Kerrie’s office directly at 305-547-0668 if there’s anything you think she should know about Madam Clerk …

Is change a-comin’?  As mentioned back in March, Satz may be passing the baton shortly, reportedly to Sarahnell Murphy.  He’s made it known that an official announcement is coming in a week or two.  As to whether or not Murphy gets the nod, or whether he goes for another term, it’s still anyone’s guess, but there’s a strong buzz going ’round that Satz will support Murphy, and keep the Parkland case and stay busy in semi-retirement if she’s the winner.  Definitely a wait and see …

In other electoral news, Brian Silber told us today he’s not running for SAO, a decision in line with his non-committal remarks from back in September, while Jonathon Marne is reportedly strongly considering joining the fray for Clerk of Courts …

Disrespectful! – there was a recent robing that was full of a new judge’s friends, family, and supporters, while hardly a third of the sitting judges bothered to show up.  That’s right, there were four empty rows of reserved judicial seating, while we counted maybe thirty sitting judges in attendance.  There were a handful of judges at work in the felony wing while the festivities were ongoing, but time didn’t allow for the new tower to be checked.  Was it a purposeful snub of Jack Tuter at work, in accordance with the whispers of the morale problem we’ve recently been hearing about, or is it simply ceremony burnout after so many damn robings over the last few months?  Whatever it is, it’s certainly bad planning, and Broward deserves better …

That’s Brenda turning the tables on JAABCAM, at the previously mentioned robing.  She’s got some great video that we’d love to see, which has most likely already been forward to her teammates at the Bar.  In it we’re holding the Broward Bar Association Barrister magazine pictured below, ironically distributed at the sign-in table just out of frame to the right of Dian Diaz, asking Brenda if she’d seen the topic of the cover story …

In all seriousness, it’s important to note Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society has recently been the topic du jour in Broward, despite the bizarre curveball Brenda’s Bar has recently thrown, which we again promise should break soon …

It’s nice to know even BSO is getting in on the act, as evidenced by this flyer from Indian River County being passed out to courthouse staff recently;

Blog Star! – you can count on one or two hands the judges with enduring JAABLOG careers, and old friend Marni Bryson is definitely one of them.  Suffice it to say, our instinct for talent remains intact, if anything about the most recent, well publicized controversy is true.  We won’t bother to rehash the allegations here, but will say we did get a gander at one of the alleged photos years back, around the time Bryson was facing reelection.  It was cropped from the neck down, however, which is why we never bothered to blog it.  In any event, we’re told the rumored photos may become exhibits in public filings at some point, and then surely national news, so stay tuned

That’s Mike Glasser, in his former nationally televised poker playing days.  Recently he’s been battling Barbara McCarthy, to the point he felt compelled to send Jack Tuter an email today over a plea deal gone bad.

From the email:

“Our firm represents Abdul Leiba, who has 2 pending VOPs and a new law violation in Judge McCarthy’s division. Mr. Leiba is in custody.

On 4/30/19, the judge accepted a resolution on all 3 matters, orally pronounced sentence, and a disposition was completed by the clerk further confirming the sentence. Not that I need to educate you on such a basic premise, but the sentence obviously had thus begun at the imposition of the sentence via oral pronouncement. Case after case has reiterated that Florida law provides for finality once a sentence is pronounced and the defendant begins serving the sentence. The sheriff’s website even reflected Mr. Leiba’s release date as 5/2 on all matters.

Nevertheless, Judge McCarthy inexplicably, SUA SPONTE, vacated the pleas and sentence on 5/1, the following day, and stated she would only accept these pleas if there were adjudications on all counts, as opposed to any withhold.

On May 2, I was covering for my partner, Eric Rudenberg, and Judge McCarthy again explained that she wouldn’t accept the pleas unless there were adjudications on all counts. She then reset the hearing for May 14 …

Needless to say, the client and family are beyond distraught that he is still sitting in custody … “

Mike goes on to express his frustration at trying to get an earlier hearing date to try and resolve the situation, a not uncommon complaint from those dealing with McCarthy’s division.  After the email was received, Glasser texted that Tuter “truly took this seriously and he deserves credit for it,” while saying he believes a hearing will be set for Thursday to clear the air …

COMING SOONThe Incredible Disappearing Gulkin Award Nominee; Playing Six Degrees of Separation with Grievance Committee 17 (c); Marsy’s Law, Expensive Kidney Dialysis treatments, and Satz’s SAO

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    Commissioner Holness was there. I doubt if it was not noticed the absenteeism. Hopefully this will be rectified by Chief or at the polls.

    1. 3


      So noted…

      Incumbents to be watched for the Holness 20 black judges by 2020

      Dennis Bailey
      Ledee (Curry telling people this is his target)
      Scherer (father worked against Gilliam at recount)
      Singhal (ruled against Brenda Snipes)
      Hunter Davis (dresses from the old south)

      Need 5 more incumbents up on 2020…

      1. 4


        Dale V.C. Holness…

        The “V.C.” stands for Very Corrupt

        1. 5


          Von Allman raised almost 100k from his friends last time, not again. Daddy selling his house. Few if any criminal defense lawyers will give her money.

          Someone like Alperstein would beat her.

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    The minority jurist coalition should boycott the next Investiture!

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    Isn’t Marne the guy who years back proclaimed he was putting in against Diaz, but got scared?

    Is this more of the same – him just trying to seem relevant?

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    Too bad Bailey didn’t think of bringing a dog to his Reprimand. Maybe they would have gone easy. It’s a long drive to Tallahassee. Maybe they have a rent-a-poochie place there for all the politicians to use in photo ops. It’s worth a look.

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    “Brenda’s Bar” it sounds like a dive that sells watered down drinks to underage sailors on shore leave.

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      2020 cant come quickly enough. Then Brenda the Courthouse Clown can spend her time snapping pics at the Sunrise Flea Market while she’s peddling tomatoes in the market section.

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    Didn’t something come up on Claudia Robinson too when she was set for a sweetheart deal?

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    Hold on a second is Brenda’s camping pushing John Marne to enter the race? That would be a gift for her.

    First she’s the only black person in that race second she’s a woman 3rd John entering the race is going to split the anti Brenda vote, thus ensuring that she wins based on the demographics of the current Broward Democratic Party.

    “You go, John!” Brenda was recently overheard saying

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      Dennis Bailey.
      Also good at sentencing black defendants to 719% more jail time than whites charged with the same crime.

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    The bar for Brenda Forman apparently involves overcoming her own stupidity…

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    Glasser = right
    McCarthy = wrong
    Bailey = trying to get another trip to Tallahassee for a second reprimand

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    I ate one of Mr. Satz’s sneakers and now they want to give me the death penalty

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    Ask Ollie the Pitbull. Dogs can’t catch a break here. The Mallard Ducks call the shots.

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    Matt Glasser needs to rebrand hatejail.com to

    She needs to be sent back to civil, where Brannon can start treating her again

    Someone needs to educate Glasser on actual courtroom advocacy and not run away and tell the principal who will do nothing anyway

    Maybe Gordon can help get rid of Mccarthy LOL

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    Such a tempting list of 2020 judges – Dennis Bailey,
    Ledee , Scherer , Singhal, Davis, Navarro, Francois

    I was planning on running for Clerk of Court but maybe I should give another run at judge. I already bought a robe, and I already have a celebration cake and leftover signs and handouts. Running for judge again might just work this time.

    Vote RICHARD BRIAN-KAPLAN for everything. Ensuring liberty and name game politics for all.

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    Can you let me know when you are marching for Officer Walker…oh wait

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    You are telling me that Dennis Bailey couldn’t see why a paraplegic might need a service dog? Not at all surprised. He thought it was a sympathy ploy? Projecting much? Agree he may need to rent a dog next month for his hearing. Dennis Bailey is rude. Looks like more violation of the judicial canons.
    Looks like disqualification may be in order, this may also violate the following canons:
    Canon 2A states: “A judge shall respect and comply with the law and shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.” Fla. Code Jud. Conduct, Canon 2A.
    Canon 3B(1) states: “A judge shall hear and decide matters assigned to the judge except those in which disqualification is required.” Fla. Code Jud. Conduct, Canon 3B(1).
    Canon 3B(4) states in pertinent part that “[a] judge shall be patient, dignified, and courteous to litigants, jurors, witnesses, lawyers, and others with whom the judge deals in an official capacity.” Fla. Code Jud. Conduct, Canon 3B(4).
    Hopefully, there will be an investigation of this latest behavior. For starters he should have to do every civility, ethics, professionalism course that exists for a year.

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    Send McCarthy back to the civil division for a few years. They didn’t take to kindly to her in civil the last time she went to hide in civil for her re election. Civil sent her back. They’ll rake her over the coals in civil.

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    I start by saying get rid of all the silly preliminaries. Who cares what political twats are in attendance in the audience. Who needs the opening remarks the out of place religious stuff and the dumb jokes? The drum corps too like any of them served as police or military. Like one out of 50 right? How about Robing more than one person at a time? How about saying good afternoon, do the Pledge, then say I’m pleased to introduce so and so who will say nice things and robe X. It takes all afternoon with work waiting to be done as is. Get it done in reasonable time or cancel it altogether.

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    Disrespectful-no, too many robings, isn’t this like the 100th one in the last 4 months. Who had the bright idea to do each one separately? Maybe 2-3 together but this robing tour is going on thru August.

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    Sarahnell murphee is a republican. Kiss of death in this county.

  22. 2


    No Sara Nell is going to do what Sheriff Tony did which is quickly switch to Democrat and hope that nobody notices

    1. 1


      Hopefully no one has screenshots of all the Republican pro Trump craziness her husband has posted.

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    It’s time we give her the negative publicity on this blog she so deserves and it’s time for Tootie to finally send her to civil again or better yet for the voters to get rid of her

    She’s by far the most disrespectful and unprofessional judge on the bench. And that’s saying a lot in the Broward Wild West

    She cannot grasp the simplest of legal concepts. I’ve seriously had better luck teaching my 7 year old niece the basics of the criminal justice system

    She throws tantrums and runs away to chambers everyday …my toddlers throw less tantrums than her

    Her dockets frequently take until 1:00pm partly because she is so incompetent, and partly because of all her breaks

    She does illegal stuff everyday, children do a better job of following classroom rules than she does at following the law


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