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    This “reversed & remanded” segment is awesome! 2 thumbs up, keep doing them quarterly

    I’ve always said judges should have their salary docked a certain % ea time they get reversals. But since that isnt possible (Imperato for example, woulda been on food stamps considering all her reversals!), this public shaming by showing they’ve been reversed is Great!

    Plus it will give voters a place to look when deciding whether to vote for incumbents facing reelection

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    No surprises here. If the judges in Broward were as good as they think they are, we’d have a judiciary that did its job without all the drama this circuit has to put up with.
    Its like a bad citcom that doesn’t even last a season.

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      6 of the 11 are Palm Beach County. Don’t blame Broward for the rest of the state.

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    Its about time you posted this. The one thing they detest is being shown just how stupid they are.

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