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    In the past Brandy Bail Bonds was the go to place for great service. However that has changed. When I wanted to post a petty $2,000.00 bond as favor a friend I got nothing but bad attitude from Brandy’s. Rude treatment, distrust and was told I’d have to hurry there to sign my home as security. Luckily the next morning my first call was to A Signature Only Bail Bonds. Very friendly, fast and trusting service. They took the premium by credit card and the bond was posted in half and hour. I was able to go in a day later to sign the paper work, Goodbye Brandy.

    Of course it took the inept release desk at BSO 14 hours to release the person on a very non busy Thursday. Simple bond with no red flags. That entire crew that enjoys not working hard should be fired by the new sheriff.

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    We are still outraising Ruby and Conway. The word is growing. The July fundraiser had 3 people and raised $300. Our August fundraiser had 6 people and promises of more money.


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      Looks like you grow your plants as well as you run as the PDO and your campaign. January 2021 you will have pleanty of time to prune your hedges.

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    Cypress grow IN (STAGNANT) DISTILLED WATER sort of like your campaign and are very sensitive to chemicals that are in city water, dummy. Its not a true bonsai anyway judging from the bottom of the pic, but rather just a bald cypress that’s been cut and the new growth has died which is typical. You were jipped. Hope you know how to run a campaign better than you know your bonsai. By all means keep EVERYONE POSTED you putz.

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    Looks like the only thing getting pruned around here is Howie’s Lit’l Boy. He’d do better if you put him out in front of Publix with a bell 🔔 in his hand collecting nickels. lol

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    Great press conference in front of the Courthouse today by ASA David Kennedy who announced his run for SAO. Time for some 21centruy prosecution of crimes.

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    Sorry Sarahnell. It was a nice try. You and Toady had better start planning on staying foot solders. That’s if you’re still wanted after you lose.

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        Haha… you are naive…. you think Sarahnell gives a shit how many people put in to run?? It’s a joke! You will all feel really stupid when she’s the next State Attorney… but hey, keep on dreamin….

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          I don’t think she gives a shit about much. She is a Satz crony and always will be. But the “courthouse crowd” doesn’t matter. She doesn’t even have that though. When all her Trump loving husbands disgusting and hateful Trump posts make the rounds at all the Democratic clubs right before the election- when people actually show up- we will see how “in the bag” this is. The only way Murphy has a chance is with an open primary- that way all the Trump minions can vote for her.

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          It’s not in the cards for Sarahnell. Time will tell, but I think Broward has had its fill of Satz and his cronies. He almost lost by a hair to Williams last election. That’s why he’s running a female contender this time instead of How Low can you go Loe. I think it may well be the same for the PD race. Broward deserves something other than these trough suckers with outdated ideas of what Broward really needs.

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    What about Williams?
    She worked for Dade SA and knows how to make the necessary sacrifices.

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    Brandy Bail Bonds has always been professional and accommodating. If they did not want to write your bond, I am sure there is a very good reason. There is a reason they have been the leaders in the business for so long – they are competent and can assess risk! I’m sure you would be furious if you had to come up with the bond money because a risky defendant skipped out on court!

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    Nah, brandy spath has run its course.

    Arrogant, bad customer service.

    Put em out to pasture. Go with A Signature Bail Bonds

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      Bottom of the barrel?? They’re not soliciting DV victims or family members at the jails and outside the courtrooms unlike all those other greasy bondsmen

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    Great turn out! Thanks for your honesty and answering our questions!

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    Sheila Alu is a fine person, very professional and would make a great State Attorney. Anyone who has worked with her in court knows this.
    However I must repeat my earlier comment the women are not emotionally equipped to be judges. Sure there are a few but not very many. Of course women excel way over men in many other areas of the law but lets put a stop to this ill advised trend to put so many of them on the bench where they don’t belong. A shinning example was immature, big mouth, now retired Ilona Holmes.

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      a shinier example is Bogey’s bitch, Ana. Bogey even put on defense attorneys as character witnesses as to how well she knew the law and was fair and impartial, and bad “Bob” Butterworth, her plucker to be a balance on the court as both a Hispanic and a vagina that most attys who went before her felt the eyes of lust that suggested that if properly “fed,” might gain her favor in rulings and bad Bob’s fast-track DCA promotion promise. shitz and his office assa’s have been real good at covering this up and their role in it until finally after 10 year of it, somebody blew the whistle loudly enough. and just WHO was that, anyway? it’s all in the court records if that “flood” didn’t get them.

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          Boney News got a video response from judge Hawkins. Wow. Wait till you hear why she really went of.

          Here’s a hint!
          DO YOU LIKE FISH?

          Be patient. We’re working on it now and hopefully up by weekends end.

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    My wife is going to win and it doesn’t matter that Monica Jeff Carolyn and Tim are double dipping they’re the only ones who can do the job in the office the rest of you are a bunch of losers and you should be happy with any kind of crumbs Satz gave you for races. Get used to it because Satz isn’t going anywhere when my wife wins! 40 more years baby!!!!

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    For the right price,
    we knowingly sell little girl panties to pedophiles.

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    These LEO’s and The Palm Beach County Schools are incredibly evil.
    And I hear nothing form the Florida Bar as they help cover it up.

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    Why in the world would Kim Picasio want to “equivocate”, herself other lawyers?
    Are 100,000 + FL. lawyers are “all” on board with her.
    Watch out for the “WE”. Its taints all.

    That’s why we need social media.
    Free Speech. JAAB and all the other BO’s under attack because they defend your ability to use the Internet as a platform for free expression through law, technology, and activism, and “TRUTH SEEKING FUNCTIONS”.

    The Internet has radically enhanced our access to information in countless ways, and empowered anyone to share ideas and connect with the entire world.


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        One of our friends at the Timothy Charles Holmseth trial in crookston MN was taking a few pics of the building when we noticed five cops surrounded him. He reported they were threatening arrest but as you see they dispersed quickly when more of us with cameras approached. They left this poor guy alone to be their huckleberry. He couldn’t handle truth as you will see and rolled up his window and backed away.

        A full case audit will occur……

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        The gig is up. The truth will prevail. Florida Bar exposed….
        Its a federal game now.

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