JAABLOG Returns Shortly – mainstream media is working on all kinds of fun things for later in the week, so we’re taking the night off …

Coming SoonAlcee Hastings goes off!; County candidates interview Thursday in Orlando; Joe Murphy’s last day; Laura Watson gains some ground; Patti Henning, witness; Meet Rob Crispin

SS: Deputy fired after friend uses patrol-car speaker to heckle public

Wa. Post: A ‘new anti-Semitism’ rising in France

FIU Florida’s most selective law school

LA Times: ‘Jer$ey Boys’ has been a windfall for all involved

LA Times: Supreme Court gives public workers 1st Amendment shield

Hwood Rprtr: Smokey Robinson cites Constitution in Fight With Ex Over Song Rights

BBeat: Why Dennis Bailey’s Net Worth Is Only $25k

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