Michelle Suskauer didn’t answer any of our questions, but she’ll sure be answering serious ones brought to the Bar’s attention by Jimmy Cohn.

From today’s Palm Beach Post article by Jane Musgrave:

The Florida Bar is investigating its president, longtime West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Michelle Suskauer, after a federal judge alerted the agency that she may have let a disbarred lawyer represent one of her clients …

“Certainly his role was more than that of a paralegal,” (Judge) Cohn said after looking at dozens of emails (that disbarred lawyer John) Garcia exchanged with accused fraudster Anthony D’Amico. “And he had direct client contact, which is prohibited by the Florida Bar. And it is a serious allegation.”

“Quite honestly,” Cohn continued, “the Florida Bar needs to take a look at this, and I plan to refer it to the Florida Bar.” …

While (Suskauer) didn’t attend a hearing in February when D’Amico pleaded guilty to five counts of wire fraud for allegedly directing more than $1.5 million of a former employer’s money into his own accounts, she said she sent an associate. She said she didn’t know why Garcia sat at the defense table.

D’Amico said it was all part of the ruse to make him believe Garcia was a lawyer. The only reason he hired Garcia was because Suskauer urged him to do so, D’Amico told Cohn. She described Garcia as a “federal court specialist,” he said. So, he agreed to pay Garcia $10,000 on top of the “significant amount” he paid Suskauer, he said …

“We used him as an expert so that our clients, if they’re sentenced as such, will be able to be better acclimated to the procedure,” (Suskauer) said. Aside from offering prison counseling, he worked only as a paralegal, she said.

But, Cohn said, Garcia — with Suskauer’s help — may have stepped over some important lines. He asked Suskauer about various Bar rules that attorneys must follow when dealing with disbarred lawyers. For instance, lawyers much file quarterly reports that include statements that none of a disbarred attorney’s work involved the unlicensed practice of law and that the former lawyer had no direct contact with clients, according to the Bar’s website.

Suskauer said she wasn’t familiar with the rules but was convinced that neither she nor Garcia violated them.

“Well, perhaps you should acquaint yourself with Florida Bar Rule of Professional Conduct 3-6.1(d)(2),” Cohn said. “I think you may come away with a different opinion.” …


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    Being bar president and married to a state judge would normally make somebody bulletproof. But since this is a federal judge complaining, then the bar may have to pretend to care.

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        Get help Spechler. What you say about “SFC”, is not true.
        Last year you posted an IP address claiming it was SFC with instructions to all to Quote “No need to thank me, just get that son of a bitch”.
        That sure sounds like a threat!
        BSO might want to look into that.

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            So the location was accurate?
            So tell us all how you would know this person’s ip address from them posting a comment on this blog?

            Only way could be you are the blog owner. Thar’s not true . So tell us;
            What magic box do you possess?

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              “WHAT MAGIC BOX DO I POSSESS?”


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                B.S. You don’t know as much as you think you do. You don’t know the difference between a :static ip address, and a “dynamic” ip address.
                Now take into account the fact we use both anonymous proxy’s and a VPN. With both the ALL CAPS and mathematics, chances are you are Masler.

                Our current ip address says we are in Europe fool.

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                    I have no idea what post you are talking about, so it sounds like B.S.
                    I have a better idea, just ignore this guy, sounds ill to me.

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                Maybe a picture can help your simple mind.
                At&T =static.
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                Every Dunkin’ Donuts you go to will give you a totally different ip address.
                Not to mention VPN’s and proxies.

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                Wow. Have you sought help for this affliction?
                You are the only one that sees numbers as you are viewing the comments.
                I don’t, and don’t believe others do.

                Sounds like you may be an undiagnosed schizophrenic.

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                    Wow, some here are really ignorant of how the Internet works.

                    Sure do.
                    That’s the ip address for our website server,
                    Not the ip of anyone of us.

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                      THAT IS CORRECT

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                    Bull Shit. The fact you keep insisting this is M. Ahearn proves you’re full of it.

                    OK, Bill Gelin has stated he does not own this blog. This blog’s servers are in Arizona.
                    So who owns JAAB? Well save you some time. It should say Go Daddy.

                    You’re an old delusional fool that thinks you more than you do.

                    Whois is no help to you on this. Since 911 you cannot register a domain with an alias, you must use your real name or you are violating federal and international laws.

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                    But here is where you are really full of it.

                    None of us use our own Internet providers.

                    We have several affiliates that allow us to use theirs, so when we do anything that involves the website we use those, or more often than not, a public wi-fi. Comcast has wi-fi signals almost anywhere.

                    So what ever you think you found out is just a smoke screen anyway.

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                    Why don’t you harass us on our own blob/website and leave the persons here alone. We will no longer respond to you here.

                    Since we are not M. Ahearn, we could care less what you say about him.

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    Like Royalty, they are all inner-related.
    Scher, Bryson, Marx, who else?
    Lets make a list of all “official Inbred in office.
    Official incest permeates our Halls of JustUs.
    Perhaps princess interventions are the way to go.

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    These people are all fifty shades of f’d up. All in it at public expense to pad their wallets and then sucking the public trough for more. Disgusting behavior on behalf of those that are supposed to b watching the henhouse.

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    Being a bimbo does not make you a bad person. However, not fully appreciating a bimbo does make you a bad person.

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    Let me guess–she wasn’t at the hearing in February when her client pled because she was at some Florida Bar/Judicial group grope function?

  7. 15


    She has her hands full sitting on the board with Judge Howard Coates Legal Aid’s Child Trafficking Platforms and getting fake forms notarized as real by Bar Member Clerk Sharon Bock.

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      Professionally, Suskauer is a nationally known legal analyst who regularly appears on the fake news networks of CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC and CNBC. She has made hundreds of television appearances, including on such shows as “The O’Reilly Factor,” “The Abrams Report,” “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” “NBC Nightly News,” “Hannity & Colmes,” “Nancy Grace,” “Anderson Cooper 360” and “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.” Suskauer is also the legal analyst for Palm Beach County’s NBC affiliate, WPTV NewsChannel 5; its Fox affiliate, WFLX 29; and 1290 WJNO and 850 WFTL.

      She fits right in. Except, 45 killed The MSM in 666 Days, 6 Hours and 6 Minutes.

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      And BSO and State Attorney wasted absolutely no time…blaming each other.

      “On Thursday, the Broward Sheriff’s Office received unequivocal direction from the state attorney’s office that the second-degree murder charge on Eric Vail had been dismissed,” BSO spokeswoman Keyla Concepcion told Local 10 News in a statement. “We did not have and have not yet located any documentation stating the subject was to be held on another charge. Our main priority at this time is to locate and apprehend this dangerous criminal.”

      However, a spokeswoman for the Broward County state attorney’s office questioned how the BSO didn’t know about Vail’s first-degree murder charge.

      “The second-degree murder charge was initially filed on Jan. 29,” spokeswoman Paula McMahon said in a statement Monday. “The grand jury subsequently indicted the defendant on the first-degree murder charge on April 3. The defendant was arraigned on the more serious charge on April 9. The defendant was taken to court by the sheriff’s office on the first-degree murder charge on Thursday, so it’s hard to know how the sheriff’s office didn’t know about the first-degree murder charge.”

  8. 11


    At least we know he didn’t get released with dangerous shoes. Sheriff Tony is all about shoe safety. Keeping murder suspects locked up? Not so much.

  9. 7


    This is an example of Sheriff Tony’s new leadership. Sheriff Tony has been working hard to make the system more efficient.

    In the past, if a murder suspect wanted to escape, he would have to go through the hassle of befriending detention deputies who would provide cell phones and cuff keys in exchange for cash and sexual favors. No more.

    Sheriff Tony’s new system cuts out all the red tape and just lets the killer walk out of jail. He can always blame a paper work error later.

    Great job BSO!!

  10. 8


    “I blame the judge for issuing confusing orders. “Hold him no bond” is easily confused with “release him” so my staff was misled by the overly technical legal jargon.”

    1. 11


      Give this guy a chance. He just got there.
      My gut tells me he’s solid. My gut tells me he’s a Patriot.
      Scott’s buffoons in Court Services was likely on list but with the deep state entrenched for so many years, and busy removing and revamping the culture, court services the least of his worries.

      I’m sure court services are a top priority now, but Broward has top tiers pissing on all of us.
      Evil rules Broward.
      Nobody needs the support more than our new sheriff.
      We need to support and pray for our new sheriff.

  11. 11


    His hands are full. He’s still trying to unravel the cabal’s rituals.
    And facts not obtainable.

  12. 6


    An in good standing member?
    A felon?
    What difference does it make?
    I needed a social worker to help my client get over the fact that I robbed him of thousands. as his ass is going up the river anyway. Besides, Its standard practice here in The 15th.
    Ask judge Rosemary Scher or Judge Howard Coates.

    I’m too busy pulling children from the grand mothers.
    And running Legal Aid, Florida’s Largest Child Trafficking Platform.
    I have no time for court.
    We’re losing our radical and weaponized older women psychos, and supporters of Lucifer, via Legal Aid.

    I’m critical, about critical theory only, and can need less guidance from family members. We need more future inmates, and less guidance for children by grandmom’s.

  13. 9


    Michelle Suskauer was busy.
    As an extension of The Florida Supreme Court, The Bar was busy keeping Kavanaugh off The Bench. (no conflicts there)

  14. 6


    More Docs Unearthed,
    The Worse It Gets, [DS] Coded Message For Escape.
    Trump says he turned down the meeting with Corbyn.
    John Dowd is now saying that Mueller changed the transcript.
    The MSM publishes a story about Nader being arrested for child pornography and they are trying to create link to Trump. But the link is really with [BC]. Christopher Steele is allegedly saying he is willing meet with US authorities.

    More information has come out that the FBI did not document four [HRC] witnesses.

    Judge says congress cannot block the wall. [DS] sends message that if we need to we will coordinate our escape.

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